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Planner Magnetic REWARDS CHART - GAMING 25x50cm - High Quality

Planner Magnetic REWARDS CHART - GAMING 25x50cm - High Quality

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Magnetic Planner GAMING REWARDS CHART $44.95

25 x 50cm 


This Mum At Home Australia

High Quality Magnet

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High quality magnet. Thicker than your usual magnetic planners on the market at approx  .85mm thickness. This making them stick to surfaces without sliding or if holding other papers.

Designed by This Mum At Home and printed in Australia.

Use nonpermanent markers such as removable whiteboard markers. Different whiteboard markers have different levels of removability on whiteboards and such surfaces,  on this product it removes best with a cloth wet with warm water and dish detergent. - - - Its important to use the water & dish soap and not just rub off dry to help reduce residue left behind that often happens on whiteboards, giving it longer life.


This Kids Rewards Chart is not only fun to look at but also displays a open-ended point system to make 'winning' more achievable. You as the parent decide what each task is worth and the rewards available big or small.


Features include:

"These rewards belong to ____" - section at the top for you to write your childs name.

Task & "Points =" - here you write the tasks your child needs to do and points each task would be worth. There is room to write more than one task if you wish in each section!

Reward Per Points - there are 3 sections you can write in 3 different rewards according to a points system. For example you could write in "5 to 10 points = $2" (or if you do not want to do money you can do another item or experience eg indorr playcenter visit).

Monday to Sunday Calender - anytime your child does a task you tick that day.

* Points Earnt Stars - and the end of the week tally up the points earnt for each task.

Total Points Earnt Big Star - Add up all the points in the samller stars to get your grand total at the end of the week.

This Weeks Reward - write in and celebrate the reward they recieve this week! 



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*Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently.



Approx 25cm x 50cm each.Approx .85mm thickness - thicker than your usual magnet planners out on the market! This making them stick to surfaces without sliding or if holding other papers.



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