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Eco Friendly BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH - Adult

Eco Friendly BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH - Adult

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Bamboo Toothbrush - Adult Size $5.95 







'Kind Kids' Bamboo toothbrushes are specifically designed for kids.

They are ergonomically designed to help kids brush their teeth with ease.

  • A short handle to control the brush
  • They have a small head to get to the back of their mouth
  • They have soft bristles so they don't damage the fragile enamel on children's teeth
  • The handle is smooth so it makes it slide around the lips and doesn't cause any irritation.

We realise that buying toothbrushes is usually done by grown ups, so don't worry, we cater for you too!

Our adult toothbrushes are

  • Longer handled
  • Have a larger head with more bristles
  • Our bristles are still soft as per dentist recommendations

The colours don't just make Kind Kids Toothbrushes look fun, they help you tell them apart. 

The handles of our toothbrushes are made from Bamboo. Naturally biodegradable and sourced from bamboo farms that use fast growing Moso bamboo so, the plant can regenerate and grow quickly. This ensures very little impact on our planet.


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Kids - recommended for ages 3-10 years.

Adults recommended for ages 10 years +.



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