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52 Week Budget Calculator Digital - (VIP 50% OFF)

52 Week Budget Calculator Digital - (VIP 50% OFF)

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The 52 Week Digital Budget Calculator is designed for both those that want something simple or for those that want to keep track of every dollar and cent. 

If you do not want anything too complicated you can just use the 'Cost Per Paycheck' column to calculate your expenses budget based on your income for the current paycheck. For those that love numbers and want something a little more in-depth, you can use every other aspect of the weekly calculator to budget and keep ongoing records of your finances. 




A digital spreadsheet containing sections for:

  • Instructions for set up - help to guide you to set up week 1.
  • Debt Snowball Tracker - A place to list your debts smallest to largest, minimum payment schedule and ending balance monthly.
  • Payment Calculator - A digital calculator to work out your payments based on your due dates.
  • 52 Weeks Of Breakdown Budgets - 52 tabs that cross over with select follow on figures that you can use paycheck to paycheck to work out your finances.


After purchase, you will receive an instruction document that has a website link to the 52 Week Budget Calculator excel spreadsheet. It is stored as a shared document on Google Drive. You do not need Google Drive to view however for you to make a copy of it and save you either need to do that in Google Drive or download via 'File' in the top menu to download to your computer/device. Google Drive is much easier and will keep the spreadsheet as you see it. If you choose instead to download to your own device you will need an 'Excel' program or similar to open and use. Please note opening in a different excel program may change fonts, colours, sizing etc due to being different from mine. 



After you have completed checkout you will receive a confirmation email along with a link to the product download. - It should also just display once you have finished purchasing. That download is a document with the instructions on how to access the '52 Week Budget Calculator'.



This item is a digital item and therefore is not returnable or refundable. It is advised that you only purchase this item if you know and understand the basics of using an Excel spreadsheet. This item is open to human error both by the creator and the person using. Be aware that if you change any formulas within each box with your own entry, they may affect how this calculates. IT IS FOR THAT REASON THAT IT IS ADVISED YOU MAKE A COPY OF THE FILE BEFORE YOU EVEN START so you always have a blank copy.