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What's In My Kids Easter Baskets - VIP ONLY VLOG



This year I've gone pretty simple, mostly due to the ever rising costs of groceries and petrol that have occurred in the past few months. We put more money towards a weekend away instead as a family and had the best time! You can checkout our weekend away at Inverloch Big 4 & Gumbya World when they pop up on the travel playlist on the This Mum At Home YouTube channel :)




As a rule the Easter Bunny generally delivers a pair of gumboots or slippers each for the kids and a note instructing them to head outside on a Easter egg hunt! In the past a new dressing gown if they need it has also been delivered. This year they didn't need a new one so it is just slippers. The Easter hunt is a big highlight for the kids and something they look forward to doing every year. Mostly it is just chocolate (making sure there is always a chocolate bunny in there), but sometimes the bunny will leave other Easter themed treats such as gummies, marshmallows etc. It doesn't matter who finds what or how many as we get everything they find all together in the house and all 4 of us share over the coming weeks (sometimes months).




What Do They Get From Mum & Dad or Other Relatives?

Usually from us they receive a book and a chocolate pack of some sort. In the past if you look on old Easter vlogs we did tend to do toys and other things, but have scaled it right back now to really focus more on what Easter is about for us and not make it Christmas!

Its important to note that our kids do not receive chocolates from other relatives, apart from a Easter hunt with other kids at one of their grandparents. So what they get from us and the Easter Bunny is really the majority of what they receive. They get more than enough from all 3 parties! It is the excitement of the hunts that they do that really makes them super happy!

This year we have kept things super simple, but honestly I do not think the kids will sit there and compare to the previous years. Once they get that chocolate in their mouth after their exhausting hunts they will be satisfied I'm sure :)

From our family to yours, Happy Easter everyone!