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What We Got The Kids For Christmas 2020 - VIP Exclusive view of everything!

What we got the kids for Christmas 2020 with This Mum At Home

I'm so super excited to give VIP’s this exclusive video again this year  - ‘What We Got The Kids For Christmas 2020’. If you didn't see last years exclusive video you can view it here.  


Last year we had a lot of fun and surprised the kids with an extra special gift from us, a vacation to Paradise Resort on the Gold Coast! The beauty about that gift was that it was our usual family vacation for the year, so we actually didn't spend any extra on Christmas because it was part of our normal year anyway. We just took advantage of being able to surprise the kids with what we were going to be doing by making it a gift on Christmas day. It really was fantastic surprising them with it and after seeing how 2020 turned out we were grateful we had the opportunity to go on that vacation, as the rest of the year obviously was spent very different!


So with last year in thought, along with everything that has occurred this year, I really wanted to give Christmas a boost and make it extra crazy and exciting for the kids! Santa, my husband and I are doing what we usually do as far as gift categories and budgets go. However, Santa is going to be giving a little extra … extra things that we as parents would be purchasing and doing with the kids for the year ahead anyway. Those extra gifts include another family vacation, things we wanted to get for them to use on that vacation/summer holidays, some summer holiday activities for at home days and a few small things for the school year. Santa is also helping this mum here out with some groceries we will need for summer holidays and our vacation … BRING ON THE TOILET PAPER SANTA!!!!!!



All the extra gifts, although obviously they have cost money, are not actually extra money spent. Again the reason being is that it is money we would have been spending in the new year anyway. It is just that by gifting them on Christmas day they are getting them early and not at later dates! Yes it will be much more than usual and yes it will be crazy on Christmas morning I’m sure, but hopefully it will just give that extra bit of excitement this year. 



If you know me I am absolutely very conscious of making sure my kids appreciate what they get from us and other people, whether it be for birthdays or Christmas. I know doing this may be difficult to make them appreciate as they normally would, but I do have a plan for the day to just try and slow them down and appreciate the extra. I will be sure to let them know there will be no extra spending during the summer holidays, this will be it!

So wish me luck this year with this crazy idea, pray that it doesn't backfire on me and keep an eye out on the channel for this year's Christmas Special 2020!