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Rainbow Ice Cream Cake - Simple Desserts

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You cant go wrong with ice cream cake as your choice of dessert for a dessert or even a birthday party! It was Isabellas 2nd birthday recently and she loves cake and loves ice cream, so I thought why not throw together a quick and easy ice cream cake for her ... and she loved it! Shes been asking everyday since for more lol 


Ingredients: serves 8-12 people - make the day before you need if you can.

  • 8 Inch cake tin
  • 2 liters of rainbow ice cream (or your favorite flavour)
  • Canned whipped cream (I have used Aunt Bettys different coloured whipped cream)
  • Sprinkles, sweets, chocolate ... anything you want to use to decorate!
  • Cling wrap
  • Cake board


icream cake rainbow unicorn easy birthday cake



1. Line your cake tin with cling wrap. Try and keep it fairly smooth so it doesn't get too stuck in your ice cream when you get to the next step.
2. Scoop your ice cream evenly into your lined cake tin, pushing it down firmly and smoothing out. Fill to the top as much as possible. Freeze in a freezer for at least 1 hours. The longer the better.
3. Spay some cream on your cake board to help make your ice cream stick. Turn your ice cream cake tin upside down onto the board. Your ice cream should fall out easily due to the cling wrap. Carefully pull the cling wrap off. Place your ice cream cake on its board back into the freezer for at least 30 minutes to freeze and secure.

4. Prepare all of your decorations and creams before you get your cake out of the freezer, as you do not want to have the ice cream out for too long. Cream should be pre sprayed to give it a good start.
5. Once your cake is completely frozen pull out of the freezer and start using your cream to decorate. You can do different colours, patterns etc for difference. If you are going to take a while, you may need to freeze at different times to stop melting - JUST MAKE SURE YOU PLACE ANY DECORATIONS ONTO THE CREAM BEFORE YOU FREEZE AS THE CREAM WILL GO HARD. 
6. Your final freeze should be for at least 2 hours for a design that doesn't melt quickly after getting out. It is IDEAL TO FREEZE OVERNIGHT.
7. Take out of your freezer right before needing and serve immediately. To cut you will need a large knife soaked in hot water. Any cake not eaten can be placed back into your freezer and kept for up to a week before quality lessons.