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Plan With Me - Building My Emergency Stockpile

Building My Emergency Stockpile How To Do - This Mum At Home Australia #emergencystockpile #howtostockpile #foodstockpile



Recently on the This Mum At Home You Tube channel I published the video 'How To Slowly Build An Emergency Stockpile' video showing how you can use my new 19pk Stockpile Planner Printables Pack. to get started on slowly building your own emergency stockpile at a more affordable pace.  


In todays exclusive VIP video I am taking you along on my personal thoughts and process on using this new 19pk Stockpile Planner Printables Pack to again restock and set up my emergency stockpile. I will continue to add more it4ems onto my lists and make changes, but I have at least got a new starting point.

I would encourage everyone watching todays video to also watch the video to fully understand the idea behind building and emergency stockpile and why you should be doing it too.


Don’t forget as VIP Lounge members you get this new printable pack for FREE  in the shop by using the shop code :)