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Monthly Bulk Food Prep With Me - November W1 & W2 2019


It’s the start of November, I’ve done my main grocery shop and now ready to do my ‘Bulk Food Prep’ for the fortnight. Today however is going to be a little shorter in time than normal and here’s why … . 





… I already have a good lot of bulk food prep stocked up due to previous fortnight prep flowing over! That is the beauty of well planned ‘Bulk Food Prep’. If planned well, what ever you are bulk preparing will last for more than just one serving. For example if I am cooking bolognaise meat up I know that for us I can get around 3 nights meals from the one batch. So that means I have 1-2 for my fortnightly meal plan and then the 3rd that can go into one if the fortnight’s ahead. That right there will not only save me time but it also saves me money, as it is one less meal I need to pay for in the future! - so the lesson here for you is that it is so important when you are doing your meal planning to not just think one night at a time or just for the immediate fortnight, but to also think ahead for the weeks to come. If you do that then the time will come where you will be spending less time and money on you meals and snacks … and that right there is why I do everything I do as part of my meal planning.

So because I am having an awesome fortnight for main meals, I have only needed to really bulk prep one type of meal - Ćevapi's.

That recipe will feature this week on the VIP Lounge :


So that is where I'm at this week. Be sure to check out  the meal plan with me vlog.

Stay tuned here on the VIP lounge to see future 'Bulk Food Prep' vlogs along with other ways to simplify a busy mummas life!
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