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Meal Plan With Me | Start Of February 2021 - VIP ONLY VLOG



School is back! Yes that's right, school is going back so that means its time for 'Lunch Box Meal Planning yet again. If you do not already do this, then you should start! For me this helps me know exactly what I need for the fortnight ahead. Every Sunday I look at this plan and then make sure I have a separate SECRET container in my pantry & fridge filled with what I need. That way I can ensure I always have everything I need and it doesn't get accidentally eaten through the fortnight before I need it. If you would like to try this printable you can find it here - and don't forget you get it FREE!






Today I'm just showing you the Lunch Box Meal Planning Printable and my usual Meal Planning Printable, as I am in the middle of changing over to my old pen and paper method. Right now I'm between that and digital usage of my printables. For me, even thought digital is very convenient, I've just decided I enjoy pen and paper a lot more. I really like being able to see all my sheets at the same time if I wish and it is much easier going between. So I am swapping back to my old way of doing things. With that, please come back next week to see a tour of my Meal Planning folder set up.

My general rule for setting a grocery budget is $70 per adult (persons aged 14yrs+ because we all know that teenagers eat as much as adults at this point!) and $50 per child (under 14yrs) in the household is the main grocery shop budget for a fortnight. I feel no matter where you are living in Australia -  city, country or coastal states - it's a fair $ goal for your budget. For us that is $240 for the main shop in the first week - BUT personally I am trying to hit $200 if I can. I wont feel too bad though just as long as I'm under my $240.

I then have a flat $70 for the top up shop in the second week of the fortnight. I base that off what ever I set per adult. So in total that is $310 for the fortnight for my family of 4.  

Keeping all this mind my budget for my main shop is $240. I’m currently estimating that I will spend around $250 + and extra $100 that Im just throwing in there to help build up my stockpiling. How am I affording to do that? I'm able to do that because I've saved money in the last couple of months due to all of my freezer meals I had stocked up, so be sure to watch the matching grocery haul to see if I stay under budget !




Some tools I used to do my meal planning were:

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So that is where I'm at this week. Be sure to check out the matching grocery haul vlog if you want to see what I got and how I went with staying within my budget.

Stay tuned here on the VIP lounge to see future 'Meal Plan With Me' vlogs along with other ways to simplify a busy mummas life!