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Meal Plan With Me - I’m Planning Fortnightly

It’s October and I’m on a new grocery schedule - fortnightly shopping! There’s a few reasons for me doing this rather than reverting back to monthly, but my main reason is because I am releasing ‘The 2 Week Grocery Challenge’. It’s a book that will be accompanied by some videos based on the content. It will be free to VIP Members so keep an eye out for it in November. My hope is that ‘The 2 Week Grocery Challenge’ will help others save some much needed money and time,  so they can spend it on what’s more important to them. It is a glimpse into everything I do before, during and after a grocery shop. And I can tell you that for me personally I have saved $4,000-$5,000 per year in comparison to what I use to spend when I started developing these steps for myself 4 years ago! I also have so much more time now for quality time with my family and pursuing my passions - and that’s what I want for anyone that takes on ‘The 2 Week Grocery Challenge’. So stay tuned because I’m super excited to bring this to you all ! 




For today’s meal planning I am planning for 2 weeks and I’m putting all my usual practices (the ones you see and the ones you don’t) into place so I can shop, meal prep and stick to a solid budget - $200 for the main grocery shop + $50 extra in the second week for fresh fruit and veg, any specials that come up, things I may have forgotten or unexpectedly ran out of. 

So for a month that is a total budget of $500 for this family of 4. 




Some Tools I used to do my meal planning were:

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So that is where I'm at this week. Be sure to check out the matching grocery haul vlog if you want to see what I got and how I went with staying within my budget.

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