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Meal Plan With Me - 16 Ways To Use Bolognaise !

Ok, so be prepared for something a little different this month! Have you watched the recent #simplesundays video on the This Mum At Home You Tube channel - '16 Ways To Use Bolognaise' ?




For July we have just entered school holidays here in Australia. So I have to take that into account, as usually we do go through a lot more food at home with the kids being here everyday! I still have a set budget of $400 for this months big grocery shop plus my usual $50 per week extras budget (usually adds up to $150 by the end of the month). So that would be a total of $550 for the entire month and just around $137 per week on average for our family of 4. My estimate is looking to be $286 for my big shop and that's once again WELL UNDER MY BUDGET OF $400! We will see what happens when I actually go out shopping as I will have the kids with me.There is always a bit of impulse purchasing when they are with me lol lol lol, but I think it's safe to say I probably wont spend up to my full $400 ..... So what will I do with the left over cash? Well you will have to keep an eye on the This Mum At Home You Tube channel to see!




Some Tools I used to do my meal planning were:

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So that is where I'm at this week. Be sure to check out the matching grocery haul vlog if you want to see what I got and how I went with staying within my budget.

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