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Laugh Out Loud Monday - Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman Have Another Awkward Interview

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Did you see last weeks Laugh Out Loud Monday? If you havn't go back and watch it as it will explain what this weeks is about! In a nut shell Nicole Kidman was interested in Jimmy Fallon back in the day ..... but like a man can sometimes be he was oblivious to her 'signals' lol lol lol It was such an awkward interview talking about it (as Jimmy had no idea) that it was funny! This week its a follow up with her husband Kieth and we hear that there was a second time Jimmy missed her signals! Its all just a barrel of laughs and so unbelievable for poor Jimmy. If you havn't seen previous LOL Mondays go back and watch to really give you a good start to your week !


"Laughter Is The Best Medicine"



Source - The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on You Tube


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