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Imagination Is Everything - Inspirational Printables



What was Einstein talking about?


Albert Einstein is one of the greatest minds of our time. Not only was he an amazing scientist, but he was ahead of his time in human development. His research shows us the basis of how we can change our reality by changing our thoughts, but not only in a philosophical way, but in a scientific way as well with his knowledge of particle behavior within atoms. He knew that different forms of energy attract more of the same energy. Think positive thoughts attracting positive experiences or negative producing more negative. Scientifically these have been proven.

By using your imagination and changing the way you look at things, the things you look at change. By definition imagination is the ability of forming mental images, sensations and concepts, in a moment when they are physically not experienced through sight, hearing or other senses. It is our ability to vision and create something that doesn’t exist within our minds. For those that want to take imagination further, It can also be the ability to create what we imagined into our true reality.  

Think about those that have created amazing things throughout history. Those amazing unimaginable things started off as someone’s thought, some ones imagination, and then became reality. Think Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Oprah, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg … some amazing minds.

Of those amazing people Walt Disney is who inspires me most with what he created. I am not talking about the physical you see that is Disneyland, but of his ability to go forth and believe in everything his mind imagines into the present. The more that became present the more he continued. It must have been a great encouragement to see his first ideas spring to life. A sound of undoubtfulness  in his own capabilities. The more he did it, the more it came alive. He knew in the power of ones imagination and he spread it through out the young minds of this world.

Those young minds (and I would like to think those minds that are now grown up such as ours too) have capabilities that are unlimitless. All anyone needs is to believe and that is truly believe within your heart. Just dreaming is not enough. We must feel what we imagine and we must put those emotions and thoughts out to the universe (or God for those that believe).

We must imagine our ideas, ask for what we truly want, believe with emotion that we already have it, receive in our heart with gratitude and thanks, then enjoy “ lifes coming attractions” when they do arrive.

So what are you waiting for? Do what Einstein and those great others have already done. Use your imagination to create the life you truly want. 

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