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How I Plan A Bulk Prep Day - VIP ONLY VLOG


‘Bulk Food Prep’ is one of the go to steps I always advise people on when they ask me how they can save money on groceries …. not only that it helps to save so much time in your day to day meal preparation and clean up! Today I’m going to show you how I used my ‘16pk Bulk Food Prep Planner + Inventory Trackers Printables’ to plan out my bulk food prep day in Part 1 - 8 Weeks Of Dinner Bulk Food Prep’ & ‘Part 2 - 8 Weeks Of Dinner Bulk Food Prep’.



The key to a successful ‘Bulk Food Prep’ session of any kind is to have a plan. That means working out exactly what you are prepping and how much. That could be not only in the way of cooking but also in packaged food breakdowns, raw meat separations and ingredient prepping eg grated and diced vegetable for dinner recipes. To get the most out of doing your food prep you want to do as much as you can from what you have to work with, saving as much time and money as possible. If you do not go into a bulk food prep session with a thought out plan you will not use your time as efficiently as possible. Let’s face it, as mums we need as much of that precious time as possible!





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