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How I Meal Plan Around Shift Work - VIP ONLY VIDEO


If you didn't catch how I had to create a meal plan specifically for my husbands shift work in last fortnight's Meal Plan With Me Video, then definetly watch that first. In today's video I am showing you what I ended up with at the end of me planning for that. It was extremely complicated for me as it was the first time I had to work 'hot meals' into work shifts and they had to work around my existing meal plan for dinners/lunches at the house to ensure he wasn't eating the same thing multiple times during a 24 hour period!



Because I didn't have any sort of printable already existing to work this out, I made some handmade/pen on paper changes to my existing 'Daily Meal Planner For The Busy Printable'. I had to do this just to try and make sense of all the different shifts my husband was doing over the fortnight. I also had to allow for days off and then work the shifts and days off into my regular dinner meal plan you normally see. As I already mentioned, it was important to work the shift work meals with the regular meal plan, so he won't end up having the same food multiple times in a 24 hour period. 



Now I have sorted some sort of process to doing this I will be able to incorporate this extra meal planning in the future in much less time.

If you yourself work shifts that require you to take different types of hot/cold foods for your break, then perhaps try setting up something similar to what I have show you here today, rather than just leaving it until the night before to sort. That way you can ensure you are still giving yourself a sensible balanced meal at work as well as at home.