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Easter Egg Nests - Simple Dessert Ideas

Easter Egg Nests Simple Dessert Recipes - with This Mum At Home #cheatingrecipe #simplerecipe #easterrecipe #easteregg #sweets #chocolate

Easter is coming and we have chocolate chocolate chocolate on our minds!!!! These Easter Egg Nests are a super simple treat for young and old. The noodles giving a great break to the sweet.




  • 100g Chang’s Original Fried Noodles
  • 90g Cadbury Chocolate Block
  • Crispy M&M’s



    Method :

    1. Melt 90g of chocolate. Add the 100g of fried noodles into the chocolate and stir in until noodles are mostly covered. YOU NEED TO WORK FAST BEFORE THE CHOCOLATE COOLS TOO MUCH.

    2. On baking paper spoon firm clump like nests of noodles. Add different coloured Crispy M&Ms in the center. Push the M&Ms down gently to ensure they stick to the chocolate.

    Place into the fridge to set!