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7 Days Of Positivity - Inspirational Printables


Have you ever just had that week of one bad thing after another? Never an explanation as to why it's just a bad week? It just goes on and on and on. Everyone has had a time like this and it can be so draining. Negative people around you, negative thoughts and negative results. It all plays a hand into what outcome surrounds you.



I am a strong believer in talking and thinking things into existence. If you think the worst and it will happen. Have a negative attitude and negativity will surround you.

I truly believe if you can switch your thoughts, you can switch your outcome. So having positive quotes such as in these '7 Days Of Positivity' printables around me reminds me to think positive. It's amazing just by doing this one thing and switching my thoughts to a more positive way I not only feel an inner positivity, but positivity starts to surround me.


So start this week off with a thought for each day to remind yourself to think positive. Keep those thoughts positive throughout your day and bring only positive into your surroundings :)




Use this months VIP code to download free from the shop and print. Place it somewhere you will see it every day to remind yourself. I like to place my Inspirational Printables in a nice frame.

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