A Better Way To Use A Santa Sack This Christmas.

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The Santa sack! How many excited kiddies out there have a Santa sack? Now how many kiddies out there use the Santa sack and only the Santa sack? Lol lol lol  Lets face it most kids get more presents than just those contained in a Santa sack most of the time. Especially as they are not usually that big and gifts being given are usually too big to all fit in with packaging etc. Even with giving minimal using my Better Way Of Giving Kids Christmas Gifts guide they can not all fit in ours. So instead we use the Santa sack to teach the kids about giving to others.


 The Idea Of Giving Through The Santa Sack

This idea was actually something that was given to me by one of my good friends Mel. She used her Santa sacks to teach her children the gift of giving and I thought that it was such a wonderful way to make an impact in my kids minds that I started doing it too.

With every birthday and Christmas comes new gifts for each child. Even if you keep things minimal yourself they receive gifts from friends and family.  The intake can be crazy at times. We here always try and do a clean out several times through the year as there is always old toys that are not played with anymore, are broken or outgrown. The rules are generally they are sold second hand and money is kept for the kids for holidays or another activities. Some toys we do give away to other people we know that need them or we give to our local Salvos store.

Leading up to Christmas we have always  gotten Joseph (6) to choose some toys to put in his sack to give to Santa on Christmas eve. Santa then gives those toys to a child that needs them. As a thank you Santa leaves him a special toy in his sack that he really ‘wanted’. There has never been a issue with Joseph choosing toys to go in the sack. In fact I have had to stop him on a couple of things because they were his everyday toys he played with and I knew he would be upset in a couple of days missing them lol.

So If you want a better way to use your Santa sack in your home, then have a go at teaching your kids the gift of giving through the Santa sack.


How To Use The Santa Sack For Giving

  1. Keep the Santa sack visible under your tree from the day you put it up.
  2. Start telling your kids about those that do not get to have a Christmas such as yours.
  3. Leading up to Christmas Eve get your kids thinking about ‘giving to others’. Inform them about how there are others in the world that do not / can not have a Christmas such as yours.
  4. The week before start working with your kids on what they feel they would like to put in the Santa sack. Give them the chance to talk about each item and why they want to give it. Give them the chance to change their mind if they want to. Sometimes they do choose things out of excitement and realize later that they actually were not ready to part with that special toy.
  5. Christmas Eve finalize what toys are placed in the sack. Get the kids to help with putting it under the tree and tying it up.
  6. Santa will make his way whilst you are all asleep and take the toys you have generously given for other children that need them. Enjoy the gift Santa leaves your child for Christmas morning as a thank you  :)


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Do your kids have a Santa sack ? Let me know in the comments if you try this idea this Christmas :)