A Better Way Of Doing A Christmas Eve Box

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Who does a Christmas Eve box ? I started doing something special on Christmas Eve a few years ago. Up until last year I only had Joseph, so it was only for one child. This year Isabella’s 1.5yrs old and really taking everything in that’s popping up with Christmas, So I'm super excited to do this for her this year ---- however I plan on doing it a better way!


The Problem With A Christmas Eve Box

So the problem with doing Christmas eve box’s are that they are given 1 day before Christmas and either the kids only get to enjoy things for one day or you are buying things through December like little crafts, special treats, Chirtsmas books/movies etc anyway. My thinking this year was that it would be better to instead do a December 1st box for the kids instead of on Christmas eve!


What Am I Putting In My Box This Year?

In my Christmas Eve box I usually gave a new pair of PJ’s, a Christmas musical stuffed toy (we have a little collection that we bring out in December every year to enjoy), movie to watch before sleeping that night & a special movie snack! Through out December I would still get little Christmas things here and there to enjoy such as books, treats & other activities.

So It just makes more sense to do a December 1st box from now on and will start that this year for sure! A December 1st box is as you assume , combining what you would do on Christmas eve with also what you would be doing for the month of December.

This year I am including the following in my December 1st box. Most of which are items that will be used into next year :

  • Summer PJ’s for both kids (on Sale Cotton On $15 each)
  • Christmas DVD (includes 5 different movies in set $20)
  • Christmas Book ($10 as part of my Book Advent Calender this year – see here)
  • A couple of little walking Christmas toys ($1 cheap but fun for December!)
  • Christmas Activity Book ($4 Big W Lego Christmas stickers and activity book)
  • Chocolate Advent Calendar ($4 still keeping this tradition going even though we have the book advent calendar. The kids do not get chocolate every day normally, this is just a treat for the month)
  • Musical Stuffed Christmas Toy ($25 as per every year traditionally – they get played with every day all day! )
  • Christmas themed plate and cup ($2 each Kmart)
  • Fun Christmas Spinning Fan with Candy ($2 each Kmart)
  • Christmas Themed Clothes for special outings and Christmas Day (2 tshirts $9 & $6 Kmart for Joseph. For Isabella a Christmas dress $9 Target & tshirt $6 Kmart)
  • Tree Decoration ($2 Kmart lights up different colours!)

So that’s what I’m including and these are the only things that the kids will get that are in relation to Christmas. It gives us activities to do leading up to Christmas and has us more organized for Christmas outings etc.

I’m looking so forward to giving this to the kids this year and having them enjoy it for an entire month rather than only 1 day. Do you do a December 1st box or a Christmas eve box ? What do you include ?

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