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Being an existing Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner owner I will be honest I was going into this thinking it would not sway me away from my Dyson … BOY WAS I WRONG!



As most mums are familiar with the Dyson brand I will be doing a separate video on the This Mum At Home You Tube channel comparing the two. I just want mums to see the difference, because I really feel the ‘look’ of the Dyson being more feminine you are inclined to purchase that over a ‘manly’ Ryobi (I know I would have). The truth is though, that this Ryobi is much more powerful and does a better job than what our Dyson does for us. So make sure you check in with that soon here  soon if you are interested in the comparison. . . . Lets make mention my husband loved this too as a “powerful tool” so what a plus when he wants to vacuum the house!


My Experience

Buy a vacuum cleaner from Bunnings? Who would have thought! If you’re a regular watcher on the This Mum At Home You Tube channel you will know we love Bunnings and I am there often looking and buying bits and pieces here and there for my outdoors. So when Bunnings approached me with trying the Ryobi 18V ONE+ Stick Vacuum I was surprised to even learn that you could purchase a vacuum cleaner from there! I honestly had no idea, but was keen to see what Ryobi had to offer. After all Ryobi in my mind were all about ‘manly’ tools, I would never had thought about a vacuum cleaner option.


Price –

The Complete Kit I Have (If You Do Not Already Have A Ryobi Battery) Kit includes the Battery, Charger, Accessories & Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner $349 - HERE

For Those That Already Have The Ryobi Battery - Ryobi 18V ONE+ Stick Vacuum $249 - HERE



Pros -

  • Long Lasting Interchangeable Battery – In comparison to other brands the battery life on this vacuum cleaner is much longer, giving you a runtime of approximately 45 minutes when fully charged. The other great thing about this brand is this battery will go into other Ryobi products you may already have or you can use an existing Ryobi battery you already have. So when you run out of charge in the middle of your cleaning you can keep going with your second battery!


  • Powerful Motor – I found the power behind this is exceptional in comparison to your normal everyday vacuum. I would have to assume Ryobi normally being a tool producer has something to do with this choice. It gave great suction and the roller brush head worked very well for a deep clean.


  • Large Roller Brush Head - Previously to have a roller brush head like this particular one, you would need to purchase what they called a ‘Turbo Head’ separately. We have done this in the past and paid close to $100 just for that. This one however is included and a great strong quality. Something you would expect from a Ryobi tool. The head itself is a great size with a good wide opening over the entire piece. The brushes are long and tough working extremely well (look at the video to see how much of my hair it found I was shocked).


  • Cordless Convenience – Changing to a vacuum cleaner without a cord seriously changed my world as a mum! I’ll be honest before I discovered cordless vacuum cleaners I would avoid doing the floors as it was such a hassle dragging that big heavy thing around, changing power outlets each section of the house and getting out just for one small clean up from the kids. I would totally put it off. Now having a cordless such as the Ryobi you can quickly get a zoom around where you need to go without the hassle. Its so much more simple than the old days!


  • Easy To Clean Out – Empting the dust bin is super easy with its angled open design. It is just a quick push of the button to release the door and your dust will come out into the bin easily. Because this bin is an open casing and not up near a filter things do not get stuck and hard to remove. With my other vacuum cleaner I always need to get a stick or something similar to remove debris. So this was much better. The filter is also very easy to pull out and clean and exchange with the other included.


  • Long Stick With Rotating Head – The length of this stick is great for my height ( approx 160cm) & my husbands (approx 180cm). Because of the rotating head it adjusts and moves with where it needs to sit for comfortable use to each individual person. You do not find yourself bending over. You can stand straight cleaning, which saves getting a sore back.


  • Light In Weight Stick Section & Attachments – You will see below that I mention that the top section is heavier than your normal vacuum cleaners out there and a negative. On the plus side they chose a very light material for the stick portion & different accessory heads, which makes a great difference in the design of not adding to the weight.


  • Converts To A Hand Held – you can remove the big long stick and attach any of the three heads included. This is great for doing the skirtings, furniture, small spaces etc.


  • Comes With Wall Mount – A wall mount is included so you can attach to your wall of choice and hang your vacuum & accessories in one place off the floor.


  • Husband Loves – As negative below I make mention that it is a ‘manly’ design … on a positive note my husband loved it! He found the look, the hold and power to be something he loved! He has since vacuumed twice! So ladies if your husbands not the vacuuming type this may well sway him lol lol lol.




Cons - 

  • Large Size Top Section – The handheld section containing your dust bin etc is larger than your normal household brands. For a petite female this may make things feel a bit more clunky when using. For me it was fine, but I did notice the difference in size.


  • Heavy Top Section – Due to the type of battery and powerful motor  used it does make the vacuum cleaner heavier in comparison to others. For me this would really be the only deciding factor for purchase or not, because if you couldn’t hold the weight for a long period of time it may not be right for you. For me I got use to it quickly and how well it worked outweighed this factor.


  • Design Style May Not Be For Everyone – For me I just want something that works well and does the job! That is more important to me than what it looks like. I will say though Ryobi’s choice in design, whilst I can understand they wanted it to look like their other product lines, it is more masculine and the colours are not as feminine as what you normally see for this type of household product. It really does look like another tool out of the shed instead of something some may want displayed in their home. This is an ‘each to their own’ decision on where you display etc, but again for me I would rather have something that works well than something that looks ‘pretty’.


  • Loud – As you will hear on the video unboxing and review it is very loud. Much louder than other brands I have experienced. I suspect this is due to the more power motor used. The only problem with this is I can not vacuum when people are asleep because it will wake people up in our particular home. Otherwise it was fine for us (Isabella 2.5yrs wasn’t even scared!)


  • No Upholstery Brush – This is something I would have liked instead of the other brush attachment as I can not really use the other on my couch it may ruin the material. So I am going to see if I can find a generic one to add.




Final Conclusion- 

I was shockingly surprised at how much I liked this product. At first glance it did look like a shed tool and not something you would see in the home normally, but the power and functionality of this product won me over! I have since started offering to take to my friends homes for them to try, because I believe this is the best I have found in a cordless stick vacuum cleaner so far. I’m excited to see where Ryobi will go in the future with this product, it’s another great addition to the Bunnings stores.

So if you are a mum looking for the next best thing for making things more simple in your everyday life, then head into Bunnings and check out the new Ryobi 18V ONE+ Stick Vacuum Cleaner!


Where To Purchase - 

Head into your nearest Bunnings or shop online.







  • I have heard a lot of good things of this vacuum cleaner and it sounds pretty awesome. I am surely buy this stuff.

    Agnes Vazhure
  • I have heard a lot of good things of this vacuum cleaner and it sounds pretty awesome. I am surely buy this stuff.

    Agnes Vazhure
  • It’s hard not to recommend the Ryobi ONE+ platform to Pros. That may sound contradictory, but I find it hard to argue with a platform of more than 100 tools. Additionally, most of those tools cost less than $100.

    Monidipa Dutta
  • This vacuum cleaner looks really good but because it’s heavy I still choose the other types of vacuum that has a light weight and a silent sound.

    Emma Riley
  • I love that it’s a cordless vacuum cleaner! we’re also considering of buying one since we need it due to our fur-babies.


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