Reusable Freeze n Squeeze Ice Pop Pouches + Pouring Funnel

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If you follow my You Tube channel(s) you will see that I have previously done some reviews on other great products Cherub Baby Australia (ships worldwide) have supplied to me. I have been so happy with everything I have tried for them and was excited to get this new product (and their new limited edition summer print food pouches) to try. They supply products from newborn right up into school age children. That’s right even Joseph at 7yrs old uses items such as these and the the reusable food pouch's. Be sure to pop on over to my You Tube channel to see what I have previously tested for Cherub Baby Australia. Prices are affordable and products are of great quality from my experience.

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So how were the Reusable Freeze n Squeeze Ice Pop Pouches + Pouring Funnel ? Perfect for summer, these in my eyes are a fairly new concept (or perhaps its just getting out now) – a reusable pouch to make your own healthy icy poles! They are a great alternative to sugary-made ice blocks filled with colours and preservatives. Each pouch is pre-sterilized with tamper proof zip lock seals ready for use straight out of the box. An absolute bonus is that this starter 20pk comes with a handy collapsible funnel to make pouring easy!

See these Simple Healthy Recipes to use in your pouches!


Price -

$12.99AU (or 4 payments of $3.25 with Afterpay) for a pack of 20 including the funnel.

cherub baby australia reusable icy pole pouch


Collapsible Funnel Included -  I was glad to have this! Without it, it would have been very difficult to fill and not spill everywhere! Simple and easy to use.

Packaging -  The item itself is a high quality item that can easily be washed and reused a large amount of times. Each pouch contains a spot to write the flavor and date that it was made.

BPA FREE – These pouches are BPA, Phthalate and PVC Free

Great For The Entire Family – This product is perfect for anyone wanting a nice cold ice block on a hot day. It is not limited to just young ones.

Resealable Great Size – The pouch is of similar size to the popular icy pole brands you see in the stores – however better as if you have a young one that can not finish you can simply reseal and pop back in the freezer.

Pre Sterilized – Pouches are pre sterilized so you can use them straight out of the packet. No pre washing to be had!

Fill Line Guide – Each pouch has a ‘fill’  line to tell you where to fill up to. By doing this it will ensure that when freezing occurs it will not over spill.

Reusable – Pouches can be washed with warm soapy water, rinsed and then sterilized to reuse. To sterilize place it on the top tray of your electric steam sterilizer or in a microwave sterilizer to sterilize.

Leak Proof – the zip lock section when pressed down as it should be is completely airtight and does not leak.

Carbonated Liquids CAN be used – despite what their website says you can use carbonated liquids eg a sugar free lemonade PROVIDING YOU MAKE SURE IT IS FLAT FIRST. (see what simple recipes I have done including a fruity lemonade).



Need To Cut Carefully – When first cutting the top to start using there is a ‘cut line guide’ . It is there to encourage you to cut circular to ensure no sharp edges. I found I actually needed to cut below that line for me to be able to use with more ease. I did however make sure sharp edges were rounded off.

Tight Opening For Fruits – This was an issue when I started putting fruit pieces into the pouches. I had to cut them really small to fit them in if I wanted to do sugar free lemonade with berries.

Hard To Reuse - Even though they are reusable I found once we went to open the seals to eat them it was hard to get the icy pole out unless I cut them below the seal. Then there was no problem eating them. Some may think this defeats the purpose but for me its still better to use theme pouches so I can give healthy icy pole options to my family rather than teh sugar filled ones you purchase in the stores :)


Final Conclusion

I loved this product very much and it has been very popular with the rest of the family in this hot summer weather! You can make a lot of healthy simple flavors – take a look at just a few we made here. Making your own instead of store brought you can see what is being put into them. There are no artificial colours, flavors or hidden ingredients when you are in control. Being reusable you get value for money. They compliment other products in their range such as the Reusable Limited Edition Summer Print Food Pouches.

The product itself has encouraged us to make our own cool treats, instead of buying store brought icy poles. I feel like having the healthier option I no longer feel guilty having these regularly. The best part is that the family doesn't know the difference!


How Can I Purchase ?

Cherub Baby Austraila Website – ships worldwide.


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  • Wow what a cool concept. I’ve never heard of these before!

  • Love that they are reusable so much! Loved popsicles as a kid but I don’t want to create the waste.

    Barbara Alfeo
  • I like that these come with a funnel, thats super handy!

    Jasmine Hewitt
  • Such a good idea! Freezies are really popular in our house and it would be nice to make our own.

  • This looks like a great product. MY children live for frozen pops year round. I need to look into getting this.

    Nicole Caudle

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