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Splash on over to Josabella Kids for these new swim, beach pool party invitation designs! For only $14.95 these summer bright invitations are personalised with or without your child's photo and party details. Invitations are a digital item sent straight to your inbox and available to anyone worldwide!

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If you have read my blog post 'Why You Should Have Multiple Income Streams As A Stay/Work From Home Mum' you will know that Josabella Kids is my own (one of 3) businesses I run from home. It ties in with the concept and meaning of what this blog & my photography business are for me. It too is something that is inspired by my own children and I am passionate to share. The name itself Josabella Kids and its adorable little characters were inspired by my children Joseph and Isabella. There's nothing more I enjoy than hearing that a little person somewhere around the world has gotten an excited start to their special day when they have seen the end result of their special Josabella Kids invitation :)

These new swim, beach pool party invitations were designed for summer fun in mind. Whether it's a party at the beach or a party in your pool it will excite guests to splash on over! Colours are bright and happy with a touch of glitter to make things really special.

Pool Party Invitation personalised with photo option by Josabella KidsPool Party Invitation personalised with photo option by Josabella KidsPool Party Invitation personalised with photo option by Josabella KidsPool Party Invitation personalised with photo option by Josabella Kids

So please pop on over to Josabella Kids for these and other awesome personalised kids invitations!

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  • I love these! They’re so fun and aren’t too expensive! Now I just need a pool, and we’re good to go!

  • REPLY TO Rose — Oh thank you so much! Yes that is my son in the photo … he makes for a good model lol

    This Mum At Home
  • REPLY TO jhilmil – Thank you so much! The unicorn invitations are the most popular!
    This Mum At Home
  • I loved it so much that I just visited Josabella kids to see different creatives, they were so awesome mama, you’re doing a great work. Loved that unicorn one so much!

  • I like the design, its really fun and cute

    Jasmine Hewitt

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