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 4 A Emma Original Mattress Australia Review - This Mum At Home honest review

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When I was contacted by Emma to try the Emma Original Mattress  here in Australia, I was absolutely over the moon to say the least! We were in such desperate need of a new mattress (we had been sleeping on the same mattress for the past 15 years!!!), but had no idea where to even start! The honest problem is there are so many different furniture stores that sell mattresses and they range greatly in price. We knew a $200 mattress would not give us the long term life we would need, whilst a $15,000 (yes you read that price right)) was just not in the budget and quite honestly seemed like an absurd amount to pay considering it was more than our new car!  The Emma Original Mattress seemed like a perfect choice price wise and then after looking at several You Tube reviews of overseas customers I was convinced to give it a try … after all how could I lose with their 100 night trial? 


Originally developed by an expert and award-winning team in Germany, the Emma Original Mattress provides optimal spinal alignment through its patented technology. With over 1 million happy sleepers worldwide, 30 consumer awards through Europe and awarded equal best mattress by CHOICE here in Australia 2020, the Emma Original Mattress gives you the comfort and support you need for a better night’s sleep, no matter your sleeping position.

We love this mattress so much we really wish to get Emma Original Mattresses for both the kids beds now. As a parent I feel guilty that they could be sleeping on what we are sleeping on now ... and to be honest they have been sneaking into our bed to sleep on ours! If you are looking for a fantastic mattress with exceptional value for money, then This Mum At Home thinks that the Emma Original Mattress in Australia may be for you!



Price -

FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE*  $549 (Single) - $949 (King) ordering via their website.


  • MUM21 between September 19th - 20th 2020 for 21% off.
  • MUM16 between September 21st - October 3rd 2020 for 16% off.

 emma original mattress review australia

Watch my review video here on the This Mum At Home Channel.


Pro’s : 

Best First Nights Sleep - For me personally I found the first night's sleep to be wonderfully comfortable, supportive and undisturbed. If you do not know already my husband does shift work, so on the nights where he is getting out of bed at 3am I usually wake up. Being interrupted never makes me feel like I have gotten a full night's rest. On the other hand when I come to bed and hes to go to work I am waking him up and he's not getting a full nights sleep either! On that first night I didn't wake him when I came to bed and he didn't wake me at all at 3am! I woke up the next day completely oblivious that he even went to work in the middle of the night. I actually felt I had slept for years without that disturbance! I did not feel him get up or at all move around. I also didn't find myself constantly moving around trying to get comfortable. Although I'm sure I moved positions I do not at all remember, when I normally do. I finally slept right through the night in complete comfort. 


Instant Comfort & Adaptability - They say it takes around 4 weeks for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Personally (and this is just our own experience) my husband and I feel like our bodies adapted on the first night. We have not had any night at all where we feel our body is striving to position better. It has been from day 1 for us!

emma original mattress australia review with this mum at home

Excellent posture support - I Can Breath Again! - This mattress is ‘firm’ - not firm as in hard, but ‘firm’ as in supportive. It seems to be aligning my body into a better position that is not only giving me better back support, but actually helping me breath better and snore less (although I still snore at times lol ). Until this mattress I didn't even know I wasn't breathing the best I could, but I can definitely feel a difference now. I also have had no sore neck or back issues from sleeping since having the mattress.


Easy To Unbox & Prepare - The mattress itself comes compressed, rolled up and in a box. When the box first arrived I was amazed to think that our king size mattress was even in there! The box was easy to undo and did come with a box cutter, although we did not end up using the box cutter and did not see it as necessary (see cons for my opinion on the box cutter). Once out the mattress was vacuum sealed flat in plastic. It was easy to unroll and even though my husband was the one that did it (I was filming) I could have done it myself. From this point it was as simple as removing the plastic and watching the mattress rise! The plastic was so easy to remove we just did by hand, there was no need for scissors etc. Although I thought it was going to take hours to rise, it only took around 2 minutes to do the majority of the rising! (see cons for comment on indents)


Sizes & Regular Bedding Fits - This mattress comes in 6 different sizes complete with measurements listed on the website. Sizes include single, double, long single, king single, queen, king and super king. Another great relief was that our regular king size bedding that I had purchased from Target fit perfectly. Sometimes this can be an issue when purchasing something like a pillow top mattress for example as the height from the pillow top can cause a fitted sheet to not completely fit. 


Over 1 Million Customers Are Happy Sleepers - The Emma Original Mattress has been sold to over 1 million happy customers worldwide. Although I'm sure this mattress may not suit everyone it seems a majority of the customers purchasing have been happy.



Multiple Award Winning Mattress - The Emma Original mattress was Europes most awarded mattress in 2019 and has most recently won equal best mattress by CHOICE here in Australia, June 2020.


Offers More Than Some Of Its Premium Competitors - This mattress offers 11 different features that not all of their premium competitors offer. In some cases they offered features that were the same as their competitors, however when comparing prices the Emma Original Mattress comes out on top.


Removable Washable Climate Regulating Cover With Handles - The removable mattress cover is made from a moisture wickering fabric that adapts to your body temperature and comfort. It is also breathable and supports air circulation, featuring anti slip elements for underside traction. The cover on the Emma Original Mattress is completely removable and washable. The fact you can remove this and wash will help combat things such as dust mites and bed bugs. I am extremely happy with this feature and this would be a great purchasing point if purchasing for a childs bed. Handles are also present on the sides, which helps make moving the mattress around onto your bed when first purchasing a lot easier and less awkward. 


3 Layer Technically Engineered Mattress For Comfort - This mattress is made from 3 different foam layers. 

the emma original mattress australiathe emma original mattress australiathe emma original mattress

TOP - The top is a breathable eco- friendly foam that is kind to the environment giving you a healthier sleep. The breathable foam helps stop your body from overheating, avoiding unwanted moisture.

MIDDLE - The middle layer is a high resilience foam designed to help distribute pressure evenly across the mattress. It adapts to your body no matter where you are sleeping. Great for those ‘movers’ in the night. It also has great airflow helping it breath and stay clean compared to a regular mattress.

BOTTOM - The bottom layer helps to give great support to the overall mattress. It provides essential counter pressure to support your lower back and give less disturbance to your partner when there is movement.


Free From Harmful Substances - This mattress has certification that assures it is free from harmful substances and is safe for all ages. Each individual layer of the Emma Original Mattress complies with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - Class 100 - Class 1(Certificate Number: 16.0.93305).    


Reduced Partner Disturbance - With the mattress firm and containing its bottom layer of stability and support, there is much less partner disturbance. As previously said this was something that we noticed in the first night of our sleep and is something that we have continued to notice. Due to shift work, it wasn't unusual that we would disturb each other in the night either from when I came to bed and my husband was already in bed early for the night or when he woke in the middle of the night for his night shift. This mattress has helped reduce that disturbance. I no longer have a broken sleep and it has made for a much happier mum over here in the Cirak household!


Can Be Placed On Any Bed Frame With No Slat Distance Restrictions - When I compared the Emma Original Mattress to some of its premium competitors I noticed a condition of their trial periods seem to be that their mattresses specifically had to be on slats that were no more than 7.5cm - 8cm apart. This does not seem to be a condition with the Emma Original Mattress. I know myself on our previous bed and both the kids previous beds the slats were definetly more than that apart. Especially Josephs as it was a very old, but sturdy high quality solid pine frame from Forty Winks. Our current more modern bed frames I would say that the slats may be just outside those restrictions. It is just something to think about, because if you did choose one of the other premium competitors mattresses and didn't like it during their trial period the returns and refund would be void if your slats are more than the 7.5cm - 8cm.

Emma only specifies that the surface you are laying the mattress on - whether that be a slat frame, box spring or simply your floor - that it is a dry and clean surface.


100 Night Sleep Trial - Emma offer a 100 night sleep trial. 

What does that mean? - It means you can purchase this mattress with comfort in knowing that if this mattress is not for you, you can return free of charge for a full refund (provided you adhere to their sleep trial terms and conditions). It makes the purchase of this mattress risk free and something that is not usually offered by your standard furniture stores.

How does the 100 night sleep trail work? - Your 100 night sleep trail starts from the day your mattress has been delivered. Anytime within those 100 nights if you decide that it is not the mattress for you then you can contact their customer service to arrange free return pickup and a 100% no hidden fee refund. All you need to do is ensure you make contact before your 100 nights is up and that it is still in good condition. Any mattress that has mould, dirt, stains, smells or bed bug infestations will not be eligible for a mattress return or replacement.  

***ALSO DUE TO CURRENT COVID CIRCUMSTANCES - all mattresses being returned are required by their courier partner to be wrapped in its plastic packaging prior to collection SO BE SURE TO KEEP ITS PLASTIC WRAPPING IN CASE YOU NEED IT.


FREE Delivery & Returns - Delivery on all mattress sizes is free and included in the price. We were super happy to hear about this as delivery is always one of those things that adds unwanted costs to normal furniture store purchases. ALSO if you find for some reason this mattress is not for you, you can return your mattress free of delivery charge under the terms and conditions of their 100 night sleep trial offer




Indents From Packaging Initially - I’m not sure this is much of a ‘con’, but it is worth mentioning as I have had a couple of people concerned with this on their first day of opening their own mattress. If you watch my unboxing of our own Original Emma Mattress I do mention about the two indent’s that occurred at the foot and head of the mattress, around a foot in either end. On the day we unboxed the mattress I was obviously concerned, as it ment that the mattress was not initially ‘flat and even’ over its entirety. However by that first night one indent had already flattened out and by the next night it was completely flat and even as mentioned in my next days video. I assume the cause of this was just due to it being rolled up in the box. Being that it fixes itself within 24 hours I didn't see it as an issue, but for someone first inflating their mattress I understand that it would be a concern and therefore a ‘con’.


Delivery Availability - Unfortunately delivery is not yet available Australia wide, although they are reaching most of metro and regional areas as of this month. - delivery to WA coming soon!


Included Box Cutter - It is not so much a 'con' having it included, but for us we didn't even see the box cutter until I had already taken the mattress out of its box! It was right at the bottom and I only found it as I was searching for any instructions. It turned out the box cutter was stuck to the back of the information booklet. Luckily Miss 4 didn't find it before me, otherwise she may have hurt herself.

Honestly though I do not even find it necessary. They could do without including it and the extra added cost to their company.


Delivery Times - Unfortunately some of the customer feedback I have received in the last month has indicated that delivery times have been longer than what they were initially informed of. During my experience my delivery was a day later than first informed. For other customers late deliveries seemed to occur due to stock availability from Germany due to the current COVID circumstances. As with anything right now patience is something you may need when purchasing. If you need your mattress sooner rather than later I would suggest that you first contact customer service before ordering to check availability on the size you are after.


Not Manufactured In Australia - The Emma Original Mattress was first designed and engineered by their branch in Germany and therefore manufactured in Germany not Australia. In saying that when compared to some of their premium competitors Koala, Sleeping Duck and Ecosa, it is promising to see where it originated from is where it is made*. Also, even though this mattress is manufactured in Europe, it does offer more than their competitors when comparing features (see ‘pro’ section for my comments).

*Koala is manufactured in Australia whilst Sleeping Duck and Ecosa are manufactured in China. 



In Conclusion:

Overall my husband and I LOVE this mattress. It's pro's absolutely outweighed the con's. As an affordable, quality mattress option the Emma Original Mattress is 100% recommended by This Mum At Home. We have not slept this well in our entire 15 years together! To be honest my 'mum guilt' has kicked in and I feel awful that I have not considered how much of a difference a mattress like this could make to my own children's health and development. I would love the Emma Original Mattress for both of my children (9 & 4 years). I feel it will give them a much better uninterrupted sleep. Something that would be best long term as they grow.

If you would like to give the Emma Original Mattress here in Australia a try, head on over to their website and do not forget to use the below codes for a limited time discount.


  • MUM21 between September 19th - 20th 2020 for 21% off.
  • MUM16 between September 21st - October 3rd 2020 for 16% off.