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Today I am very excited to be doing this product review on the complete box set of the Harry Potter book series, by J.K Rowling. These iconic books are now available in an amazing newly designed set that every Harry Potter collector will not want to miss! 

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Price -  rrp $120AU

Within Australia - Dymock’s 

Outside Of Australia - Amazon - see US $

 HARRY POTTER COMPLETE BOX SET - this mum at home product review Dymocks JKRowling

HARRY POTTER COMPLETE BOX SET - this mum at home product review Dymocks JKRowling

HARRY POTTER COMPLETE BOX SET - this mum at home product review Dymocks JKRowling

HARRY POTTER COMPLETE BOX SET - this mum at home product review Dymocks JKRowling

Pros -

  • Fast Delivery - The delivery of this product was extremely fast, receiving within 1 business day of being notified of being selected by Product Testing Australia to review. It was packed very well in a slightly larger sized box with shredded paper for padding.
  • Appealing first appearance - On first appearance of the box set it was very appealing with an iconic scene of Hogwarts on the outside of box casing. The top displays gold embossed writing and stars that continue on to the spines of each book. The books snuggle well into the box casing, making you want to pull the books out for more with their carefully chosen bright colour choice of each. A small picture on each spine gives you a sneak peak into what is to come on each cover.
  • The Best Cover Designs Yet! - Looking over each book as I got them out I was completely impressed and excited to discover the new detailed illustrations by Jonny Duddle. These illustrations completely meet J.K Rowlings vision and my own imagination when reading the stories. He has done an amazing job of redesigning the covers of these amazing stories for a new generation of readers. In my opinion these covers are the best I have ever seen for the Harry Potter series and a must for any Harry Potter fan to add to their collection.
  • The Same Amazing Story - The story is the same as I've always read in previous versions of the book here in Australia. So I was pleased too see no changes had been made to the story itself. Each story is written by JK Rowling with great imagination pulling the reader into the truly magical world of Harry Potter. With each story you are wanting to know more as the lives of Harry, Hermonie & Ron develop over their wizarding school years. Whilst starting out as brave but innocent children in the first book, by the last book you can see how they have had to quickly mature to fight what would feel like the worlds end against that “who should not be named” – Voldemort! JK Rowling smartly tied up any loose ends at the end of this series, giving the reader the ability to see what the future held for all 3 of our favorite wizarding characters. The true underlining theme of ‘love wins’ in all forms throughout the books will not only engage but teach both young and old that take on these great reads. I myself could not put down the books wanting to continue on the story until the very end.


Cons - 

  • Getting The Books Out - Getting a book out one at a time is a little hard, especially when trying not to damage the spine. You need to tip the box to do so, whilst holding the other books you do not want coming out. A simple solution of a ribbon behind the books would fix this problem.
  • Numbers On Spine Distracting -  I should make note that I did find the white number sequence 1-7 displayed at the top of each spine distracting and spoiling of the book design. I find the numbering non purposeful and something that is not necessary when the books are listed inside each book in order. It is a little bit of a distraction when you have your box set on a shelf display.
  • Font Size - The size of the printed font may make it difficult for the younger audience it was initially written for and would suit children at a later stage of approximately 10 years+ to not confuse the words into each line. Older children & people such as myself that have grown up with the stories should not find a problem reading.


Final Conclusion- 

I have seen every Harry Potter film and they have been amazing. You can tell that the author has closely worked along side to make sure her vision crosses over to the screen. However the books will tell you the true and complete story. Overall I would (& have) recommend this box set to those I know & anyone else looking for an excellent read. I would also recommend any Harry Potter fan that already has the stories to invest in this amazing new box collection, as they would for sure appreciate the new cover designs by Jonny Duddle as true inspiration of what Harry Potter’s world is. This box set is the perfect gift for any reader.


How Can I Purchase?

Within Australia - Dymock’s 

Outside Of Australia - Amazon - see US $


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  • Yes! Yes! Yes! I love Harry Potter! I’ve read all of the books many times over and can’t wait to share them with my little ones. :)

  • I grew up reading thee books and love the boxed set. I need to get this for my own home & kids.

    Karen Lizarraras
  • That is amazing! I love Harry Potter! I’ve read the books and have seen the movies! It’s one of my favorites movies!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  • I have always been a movie watcher over being a book reader… however, I have touched the Harry Potter books a few times in my life time. They are not bad. I like the packaging on this complete set!

    Renee S
  • This looks like a great box set for Harry Potter fans. I like the bright colors. Definitely a compliment to a home bookshelf.

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