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Joseph (& Isabella) were lucky enough to receive two amazing educational packs from Castle & Kite to help learn and develop their fine motor skills, writing, counting, shapes, colours, letter recognition and more!  Their site not only provides packs such as the ones I received, but also some amazing craft boxes you just do not want to miss for your little ones … I’m looking at the weather craft box for my next activity with the kids!

Price -
From $10 … and yes mummas they have afterpay! *** FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE ***



About Castle & Kite

Castle & Kite provided the Personalised Name Writing Kit & Let’s Learn Education Pack for us to explore.

Each activity is reusable, play based with a specific learning focus, including:

  • Letter and number formation
  • Sound and letter recognition 
  • Identifying and counting numbers 1-10 
  • One-to-one counting 
  • Recognising and drawing shapes
  • Writing skills
  • Making patterns 
  • Learning colours 
  • Developing fine motor skills



Personalised Name Writing Pack - $19.00

The perfect reusable tool kit to get your kids on the way to writing their name before they start school. Watch this pack in use on the This Mum At Home channel.

personalised name writing kit castle and kite learn how to write your name todler activities australian mummy blogger and vlogger

Personalised Name Pack includes:

  • Three personalised name writing cards
  • Stickers for name creation activity 
  • Peg activity - Ordering letters in their name
  • Two whiteboard markers
  • Zip wallet to keep it all together! 


Let’s Learn Education Pack - $49.00

This pack is full of reusable activities that have been designed by an early years teacher, to encourage a love for learning as well as developing foundation skills that will prepare your child for school.

(recommended for ages 3.5 yrs – be aware of small pieces that are a choking hazard to younger) Watch this pack in use on the This Mum At Home channel.

 Lets learn education pack castle and kite toddler activities australian mummy blogger and vlogger

Included in this pack:

  • Alphabet Bingo - upper and lowercase letter recognition and matching
  • Letter formation - A-Z trace cards 
  • Beginning sound card- trace and clip activity 
  • Number formation - 0-10 trace cards 
  • Number recognition cards- Trace, identify and count 
  • Play dough mats - numbers 1-10 
  • One-to-one counting activity - beads and pipe cleaners 
  • Shapes- recognize and trace 
  • Colours pom pom pattern making activities 
  • Zip wallet to keep it all together! 



The Verdict On Both Products


* Well thought out - Packs are well thought out, simple, with the exact amount of activities to not overwhelm a child. All contents allow you to go between each activity as you wish doing as much or as little as your child can handle.

* Teaching in prepration for school & beyond – I found each of these packs to be especially suitable for kindergarten aged children 4-5 years old. They are a great base to get them prepared for primary school - especially the name writing pack, numbers & alphabet. Even though Joseph is 7 years old and in grade 2 he enjoyed these immensely and secretly they were a wonderful refresher to keep him on target for his current year. Even though Joseph is able to write, the name writing kit and letter formation sheet were fantastic to help neaten up his existing writing skills. Isabella being only just turning 2, she obviously can not write yet but was excited by the name writing pack to get her started in holding a pencil and the motor skills needed for the task ahead. I will get much use out of these packs for her in preparation for school!

* Reusable – Each activity, even the writing sheets are reusable. Because the writing sheets are laminated, just simply wipe with a damp cloth and dry for your next use!

* Personalised just for you – The Personalised Name Writing Pack is personalised to what ever childs name you supply. I can not tell you how excited each of my children were to see their own personalised name done on each sheet!

* All inclusive – Every activity has every item you will need supplied. That means that you get stickers, white board markers, beads, pegs, pom poms & yes even ‘Play-doh’ ! (the kids were especially excited by that one!)

* Ziplock pouch packaged  - Each of these kits came in their own sealed pouch so after you are finished you can keep everything together in the one place and put away for next time!

* Learning without realizing – The activities were so fun for the kids that they were learning without even realizing! They were activities they not only wanted to do once but again and again!

* AFTERPAY! – yes that’s right they have Afterpay mummas! That means you can purchase these wonderful items and make your next to nothing small payments each fortnight without breaking the bank!

* Free shipping – Castle & Kite provide free shipping Australian wide! International? Don’t worry they also ship anywhere else in the world at a standard postage cost.

* Great gift options – I have already purchased a few of the personalised name writing kits for upcoming birthdays. They add a great ‘learning while having fun’ aspect to the gift mums will appreciate!




I’ll be honest there was only 1 ‘con’ for me and it was such a small one that its not something that I am bothered by that it has deterred me from purchasing.

* Some letters not ‘primary school writing style’ – this applies to schools here in Victoria only. Styles may be different state to state. There were a few letters that were not what we call ‘primary school writing’, for example lower case p & h. However this would not have effected Joseph if he was preparing for grade prep. Getting the principle of actually writing the letter would have been enough to get him started and then it would be perfected once he started school. Remember most children start school writing mostly in capitals, so just even getting them started on doing lower case letters of some sort is a bonus!



I have to say even though Joseph is on the older end of the scale for these products he absolutely loved and enjoyed using each and every one of them! I found that these packs helped him ‘fine tune’ things he already knew and had him learning when he didn’t realize. Isabella at just turning 2 years old found a sparkle in her eye as soon as she saw the packs and what was included. She is a little young for most of this right now, but give her another 12 months and I’m sure she will be well on her way!

I truelly wish I had found these in Josephs younger years. Yes of coarse there are many many activity books out there, but I found these to be a lot more simple and fun for a child to do. The activity books can be very over whelming when you first start (and a little boring). These packs are the perfect starting point for any child in preparation for school. I’m excited to see further packs Castle & Kite will develop for their education series.

In regards to their other ‘craft boxes’ available on the website, they look so amazing! I’m excited to look at what’s coming up and do some of these with the kids for some holiday fun. They even have a monthly subscription service!


Where To Purchase:

Visit Castle & Kite on their website at






  • I’m going to tell my sister about these products. She homeschools and I know the kids could use these products and the fact that they look fun is even better.

    Terri Beavers
  • What a wonderful post. This looks like a useful product, my kids love when you can learn and also have fun!

  • Glad I read your post coz I was looking for something like this. My little one has become so interested in educational stuff so I’m encouraging it from all angles.

  • I love that the Personalised pack has that extra touch and they aren’t just learning random letters but practising their names. I always like little extra touches like this, and it’s great that your kids enjoyed them

  • Thank you so much for your lovely review Kristie! We’re so glad Joseph and Isabella enjoyed our Learning Resources. This review is so wonderful to read – we’re so appreciative!


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