Disney On Ice Australia - 100 Years Of Magic Review

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These school holidays we were thrilled to once again see Disney On Ice at Melbourne’s Hisense Arena. If you are not aware, Disney On Ice is a live show performed on ice. The show features professional ice skaters portraying popular Walt Disney charActers, to bring the well known stories we all know and love to life. This years ‘100 Years Of Magic’ opened with a short pre story referencing Zooptopia to then introduce the original loved Mickey Mouse & his friends. This followed with the main stories of Beauty & The Beast, Pinocchio, Finding Dory, Mulan, Frozen, Aladdin, The Lion King & Toy Story. Through out it also had shorter features of our beloved princesses Snow White, Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, Jasmine & Ariel. This years show for me was the best I had seen out of 3 in the last 4 years. Just spectacular! Watch our fun filled day at Disney On Ice on the main This Mum At Home You Tube Channel!

Price -  from $36 depending on your venue within Australia.



Pros -

  • Chorography& Storyline  – The chorography of this show from start to finish was fantastic flowing from story line to storyline. Song choices, the parts of stories chosen and skating chorography were perfect in choice and worked well with each other.
  • Staging, Props & Special Effects – If you have been to a show like this you will know that there are a huge amount of staffing and prop changes that happen through out, both small and large. This show features a main castle backdrop in which the special lighting effects displayed on its face, changed between stories to reflect each individual Disney movie.  Props, including the very large came in and went out off the ice seamlessly. A spectacular stand out was the dragon from Mulan, it was stunning to look at and moved fabulously. Special effects included, sound, smoke work, lighting and SPECTACULAR snow fall through out not only the Frozen scenes, but through others as well. It was really beautiful and gave an amazing effect to the story making us feel like we were really emerged ourselves.

disney on ice australia

  • Professional Performers – In a show like this there are many huge and restricting costumes to be delt with, let along actually being able to balance and skate on ice! All skaters did amazing, but I have to say that there stand out performances by people that were characters such as Beauty & The Beast’s - Beast, Cogsworth, Lumiere,  and Babette;  Aladdins flying carpet and multiple Genies; those in the Milan dragon; Frozens Olaf; The Lion Kings Pumba and Rafiki; and the original Disney characters of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald. How they all managed to see out of their costume headwear as well as still balance and skate was remarkable.

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  • Costumes – All costumes were true to the original Disney characters as per movies and books down to the smaller details. Even though they were skating and needed movement they were not compromised in any way. The quality was so authentic and amazing it was like you were at Disney Land itself. Walt would have been proud!
  • Price Of The Show – For some the price I understand would be on the high side, especially if taking multiple children. However I think at the professional scale and length of the show being what it is the price is right on the mark. If anything I would expect to pay more – however if they did that then their primary audience may struggle to attend.

  • Energy – The ongoing energy through the entire show was kept high and true to each character. Hand gestures, facial expression and skating actions played a huge part in this. For example the person playing Jessie had that energized spark she’s well known for in Toy Story right up to her big bright smile. The people portraying the Disney princesses (most knowingly Anna and Ariel) oozed happiness and youth. Of coarse those that were the original Mickey, Minnie and friends didn’t disappoint one bit! Having the energy level through the entire show o a high kept audiences excited and never sitting in a dull moment.

disney on ice australia

  • Parking Close By – I love going to any show in the Hisense Arena area, because the parking can always be prebooked for a cheaper price if you do so online ahead of the day and it has direct access to the venue. I paid $20 for the day rather than $30 if I had tried to get a park on the day (and I most likely would not have been able to get a park on the day) Parking is very close by and just a short walk over.
  • Pram Parking On Offer – Even though parking is very close, if you have young ones putting them in the pram to walk over is always very handy. Especially with the amount of people there. You do not want to lose any little ones! They had a huge amount of prams to ‘check in’ and retrieve afterwards, but they did so very quickly and efficiently. It was great to have that offered.

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  • Filming & Photo Opportunities – In today’s world I always find it strange if a show bans viewers from filming and taking photos. In an advanced world of social media, it is one of the smartest marketing opportunities anyone can take – especially when it’s free advertising! In fact there are performers such as The Wiggles (see my next concert review and vlog coming up next week) that actually tell you in their performance to take as many photos and videos as you wish to share with others. When you think about it if you are wanting to go to any experience, most people look up reviews and video footage on You Tube first when making that decision to go. Especially when you are talking high priced tickets! Besides banning high professional cameras such as a SLR camera with a huge lense, they were happy for viewers to record their memories via phones or smaller cameras such as my Canon G7x that I use for vlogging. Even though my camera was not my large professional photography one, l was still able to get high quality images and video to share with you all. Not to mention my children now have spectacular memories to relive daily! Lets face it even the smaller cameras like mine and phones these days are of high quality in what they can capture!


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Cons - 

  • Overpriced Venue Food – My goodness if you have watched our Disney On Ice vlog you will catch a glimpse of a small snack we shared between the four of us, and VERY EXPENSIVE snack lol. I always expect to pay a higher place at theme parks, shows etc. HOWEVER $11.50 for a drink and small bucket of chips at Hisense Arena was a shock I have to say!
  • Souvenir Variety & Paid Photos – We did buy a souvenir each for the kids; however expect to pay HIGH prices for these items. I probably should have done my own little Disney gift bags each for the kids to surprise them each with there rather than spending $60+. Whilst there were multiple souvenir stands every 10-20 meters, they all had the same and not much variety at all. There was a very poor selection for boys. Also the photo opportunities they give you are not at all worth the cost. Photos were taken of people standing in a scene or with cardboard cutouts for $25+ If they had actual characters like they do at Movie World etc this would make the cost worth while.

disney on ice australiadisney on ice australiadisney on ice australia

Final Conclusion- 

Disney On Ice- 100 Years Of Magic was the best Disney On Ice show I am yet to see. It was truly a spectacular show. Cast, character choice, songs, choreography, props, staging, special effects, costumes & the storyline were all well put together amazing choices. Nothing was left short when it came to quality and keeping true to it’s Disney inspiration. The skating was the cherry on top for this international spectacular!. The kids absolutely loved, especially Isabella (2yrs). She was truly amazed at what she was seeing in real life. Every day since she has asked me to go on You Tube to re watch!

I have not experienced the authentic Disney Land created by Walt Disney (although we hope to in a few years time), but to go to something like Disney On Ice to get a small taste of the Disney world was an amazing experience not only for my kids, but for us adults too. If you are a Disney fan both of the classics and the new, then Disney On Ice is something not to miss. We look forward to hopefully having a family experience like this again when Disney On Ice returns in the future. It is an amazing family experience you do not want to miss!



See This Experience -  If you are in Australia visit www.disneyonice.com.au to see the latest Disney On Ice shows coming to your state and purchase tickets via Ticketek.

You can also sign up to become a  priority customer and get presale dates and tickets, before they go on sale to the public at https://www.disneyonice-asia.com/AU_NZ/registration/registration.html



  • Disney on Ice is one of the shows I look forward to every year! It is always the best and amazing!

    Ruth I
  • Sure did appreciate your thorough review, with the pros AND the cons. Honest and makes me feel there will be no (or few) surprises.

  • Wow, I love watching Disney shows but never tried to watch it in live and this one looks like a fantastic show that need to be watch by everyone. I am sure every kids would also love to see this show.

    Emma Riley
  • Lovely photos. Wish I couldve been there.

  • This post is so nostalgic for me. I’m the biggest Disney fan there is at 34 :) This review is so beautifully written, your honesty is greatly admired and enjoyed. Thanks for sharing x

    Kamapala Chukwuka

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