"I honestly do believe that having experiences together is the most important thing you can do for your soul."

Hello and welcome to This Mum At Home! It is the first blog up on the new website here and I’m super excited to start this new journey to ‘Simplify A Busy Mumma’s Life’ :)

For those that do not know who I am, my name is Kristie, I'm 35 years old (soon to be 36) and from Australia. I am happily married to a very supportive husband with 2 beautiful children Joseph (6) & Isabella (9mnths). I have my own photography business Kristabelle Photography thats been running since 2010. Most recently whilst I was on maternity leave, I have been working on the This Mum At Home Blog & added the newly developed Josabella Kids (a digital personalised kids birthday invitations & party supplies store) to the photography business. I’m also excited to reveal we have been working hard with Santa, The Easter Bunny & Tooth Fairy on some exciting new products for little ones too!

"I can never stay still, I must explore and experiment" - Walt Disney

As you can imagine life is overly busy for me. Between doing the business things I love and managing my home as any wife/mother does, having another baby has caused things to get even crazier. I really am an uncontrollable entrepreneur that follows those words “It only takes one good idea” to be a success – meaning it doesn’t matter how many times you fail there is always possibilities of success. Everyone has a different opinion of what their true success is, so it gives hope to everyone trying to achieve their own. I also strongly believe we create our own world around us; you just need to put it out there for the universe to answer.

So why not stop the business stuff? Why not just focus on only the home? That would for sure give me some more down time right? BUT you see, if you are a person like me that has a entrepreneurial mind you will know that would just give me a sense of unfulfillment and sadness as a person. Everyone has something that they feel gives them purpose and for me that is my entrepreneurial passions as well as having my family and all that comes with it. In saying that I do realize I need to make some changes to give me sanity. It’s our right from God to live abundantly, but it should not feel like I’m constantly trying to keep my head above water!



It’s important too for me to point out to you why I love business. It’s not because of all the $$$$ you can make (although that’s a super bonus if you can) it’s the challenge of it all. To create something from scratch and have it work and received by people in a positive way is my ultimate high! I have always had a entrepreneurial passion for anything that inspires others & puts a smile on ones face. From a very young age (5yrs old) I was out and about on my bike selling fruit to my neighbours, asking for a delivery job at the local news agency (they politly turned me down as a 6 year old lol)  & sending a detailed letter to the premier of Victoria on how I could turn the empty paddock at the end of our street into a booming park complete with ice cream & drink van (which I would of coarse run myself) ... needless to say The Premier Of Victoria replied thanking me for my suggestion but politely turning me down at this stage lol lol lol. I cant remember a time in my life where my head hasn't been constantly inventing new ideas and creating some sort of business proposal.

The goal for me now is to have my entrepreneurial passions & management of the home function better, with less time spent on the unnecessary aspects and more QUALITY time spent with my husband and children.  Our little family of 4 feels like a true blessing and I honestly feel that is the most important thing to focus on and make a priority, especially when my kids are still young. Balancing it all better I personally think would not only be better for my well being, but in turn make me a better person, mother & wife. I honestly do believe that having experiences together is the most important thing you can do for your soul.

So I hope you will follow me on this new journey to simplify THIS busy mumma’s life … it’s for sure going to be a great one!

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