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Well it has been a few weeks since my #365daydeclutterchallenge post and I have to say I've some what stayed on track lol .  There was the odd day of sickness and just plain business out with the family that I forgot to declutter something. Mind you I have made up for it on other days that’s for sure !

If you have read my 10 Things To Declutter Right Now post you will see the areas I did back in March to give me my starting boost. I have actually gone back to those areas towards the end of every month since. Surprisingly there is always something to be cleaned up or again ‘decluttered’, especially in the kitchen area. This month I made it a mission to go back to all those 10 areas and look at the items involved . Anything I had not used since my declutter in March I said goodbye to! I figured there really wasn’t any point keeping the items if I wasn’t using. In fact most of them I had forgotten I even had! So what did I declutter and get rid of ?



Utensiles – Who needs 8 sets of tongs ? Yes I really did have 8 sets of tongs! Then there were some other odds and ends like cheese knifes, an extra whisk & some brushes. All that I had honestly used maybe once in the last 5 years.

Silver Platters – At one stage my husband and I were obsessed with shows like ‘Antique Roadshow’, Bargain Hunt’ & ‘The Dealers’ (actually we still are lol). So when we came across silver items in op shops, markets etc going out cheap we knew they were good collectible's. I even thought I would ‘use them eventually for one of Isabella’s birthday parties, perhaps a Alice In Wonderland theme’ … but really will I? And when will I? I decided it was just silly having all these extra things clogging up cupboards and taking up space as I was juggling that and the glass serving dishes more often than I would like! I had to choose and the glass one over!

Recipe Books – I don’t know why I have these because most times I either make up my own or look online for something specific that I want. Very rarely will I go out and buy an entire book for something. I really look at the FREE Coles seasonal recipe books most of the time and pull something I want out of that. So I really just go to my one folder I have and not the other books. I am yet to toss my Disney collection of books though …. Truth be told I haven't used in over a year but I cant quiet get up the courage to toss those yet – or the millions of matching bake wear I have that goes with them ! …. Maybe in a few months lol.



Paperwork – I have gone clean through all of my things reducing everything business related to almost nothing. The only thing I don’t have as digital business records now is my necessary tax documents for the end of the year (a couple of sheets of finances) & my 2 note books I write in. Besides that I have kept everything digital now and even started using SIRI on my Iphone to take notes for me to reduce papers.

Personal Bills/Paperwork – Today I went through that dreaded area and condensed everything down to a single $3 file holder from Kmart. Keeping only the necessary things such as Superannuation details, birth certificates, licenses etc. Pretty much all bills are now digital so that’s cleared a lot more.



Wardrobes - The season has changed here to the colder months, so I have sorted out what clothing fits for all of us and what things we need to get. The kids grow out of clothes so quickly that I always need something when the new months come, so I sorted what wouldn’t fit them from the warmer clothes and sold to buy more clothes for the colder months that they needed. This really was only a few jumpers and pants. The rest they had, as I generally will purchase bigger sizes ahead of time that are on sale eg Kmart tops can go out for $3-$6 each from $15.  Shoes were also another item that needed to be cleaned out and brought. For us though we keep shoes to only around 4 pairs necessary for various occasions. Mine and my husbands clothes I have started going through today to clear out as a follow through from March to see what items we didn’t wear and to see if we could really part with them lol That is much easier for me than Johnny. I think now he is realizing all the unnecessary clothing he does have that collects dust mites!



DVD's - Back in March this was a big clean out, but I did keep a few DVD’s of series that were still our favs & all of the kids DVD's. Johnny and I pulled the adult series out from under the bed again today tossing up whether we could part with them … they are back under the bed for another day of decluttering bravery lol



Old Toys - I found the old Playdough set and some baby toys Isabella no longer uses, especially since having her birthday recently. I'm sure down teh track Playdough will make a comeback, but for now its the Konnectic sand that's the favorite.



Freezer - As we are going away this has been easy as I've really tried to cut this all down anyway! There were some things that were past their use by in the back freezer so they have been tossed !


So I have made good headway in May with my decluttering. I still continue to do everyday in some shape or form. Remember if you want to show me what you have been decluttering or if you have some ideas share your thoughts on the social media pages or use the #365daydeclutterchallenge to do so. I would love to see what you have been doing !

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