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Here I am again writing my blog post, whilst Mr. is in his gymnastics class. Same table, same lady across from me working on her computer, only I actually have mine today too! If you read my 10 THINGS TO DECLUTTER RIGHT NOW post you would have read I was hand writing on paper due to going swimming afterwards. Today however in the spirit of trying to ‘Simplify A Busy Mumma's Life’ I have my laptop and am typing. Just makes things 300x more simple for me. Having those notes just made more work! So back on the laptop I will stay! Lol lol lol

The 10 THINGS TO DECLUTTER RIGHT NOW post was much more popular and useful to people than I anticipated. I realized just how many more mums out there were having the same issues as me at trying to balance it all. Especially that working from home and everyday responsibility balance. I decided I wanted to share another great discovery to decluttering and that is the #365daydeclutterchallenge. I actually came across this whilst on Pinterest one night. It is nothing new; in fact I had started doing it without realizing it was ‘a thing’. Everyday for the last 2 weeks I have been trying to clean out 1 object a day out of my house. Why? Well simply put I’ve kind of become obsessed with reducing the amount of clutter in my home that’s making the everyday harder. You wouldn’t believe how much I have accumulated over the last 20 years moving out of home. Things that were impulse buys, things that “I knew I would use” (but never have), things that “I need” lol you know what I’m talking about! Plus then add a husband and two children to the mix and you have chaos!


So many things just seem to take up so much time every day cleaning and organizing. More time than it needs to. Less unnecessary things = less unnecessary time wasted in my opinion. So after doing my 10 areas of decluttering to get started, it’s kind of snowballed and I’m now decluttering even more. I feel like every time we go on vacation we don’t need 95% of what we have in the home so why do we need it when I return lol (well obviously we do need a lot of it, but I know there is plenty I don’t need). Call it moving into minimalism or just cleaning up. Either way I feel like I can achieve more simply by having less of the ‘non important things’ …. Plus as a bonus I’ve actually been making a little bit of $$$ on the side from getting rid of things on Facebook Buy Swap & Sell pages! The key to this and to ensure you do not hold onto the items if you do not sell them though, is to give them a week and if they don’t then donate to your local Salvos or person in need. At least in that week if you do sell something you have some bonus $$$ up your sleeve for some fun family time instead.

So what is the #365declutterchallenge and how can you join in? It’s easy! Everyday for a year challenge yourself to getting rid of something you do not need in the house. That could be something of yours, a household item, child’s toy, clothing or even food in the pantry you know you wont use. You will be surprised at just how many things you can find once you start looking at what you really don’t need. If you want to share your decluttering with me and other mums take a quick photo on your phone and upload to Instagram or Facebook with the hash tag #365daydeclutterchallenge. Tag @thismumathome on the pages too and I can see and share too! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you can also follow me and see what weird and wonderful things I get rid of. (Ill also try and post here regularly for updates)


I really do hope some of you join in – here’s to decluttering to ‘Simplify A Busy Mumma’s Life!

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