Real Mum Life Stories - Work From Home Mum Shannan From 'The Aromatic Artisian'.

This weeks inspirational real life mum story is with work from home mum Shannan, at The Aromatic Artisian. Shannan has 2 older children from a previous relationship, but now resides on a farm in country Victoria, Australia with her partner Spencer (a very hard working farmer) and their 1.5 year old daughter Samera. Her business has offered uniquely handmade scented candles, melts, perfumes and accessories since 2014. Living in quiet an isolated area, providing to a specific niche of fragrance lovers, she is persistent in providing the most amazing service that she can to her customers.  Shannan has overcome some very hard and less than encouraging (in her previous relationship) years to become a true inspiration to other mum's. For many years Shannan felt she was not able to follow her heart. It was not encouraged by people around her. She has since overcome any fear to come forth to do what is truely her passion. Today she is overcome by her new happiness and continues to grow and have her personal success.The lesson here is to not let anyone stop you from doing what you really want in life. It is your life and your own personal journey to decide what is best for yourself. When you have that aching feeling to be doing something, grab it and go for it! 


Thank you so much for talking with This Mum At Home and its readers! Tell me what do you love about being a mum in today's world? 

It's all the little things - watching them learn a new skill, say a new word, helping them grow into beautiful people, and the kisses! LOVE bubba kisses and cuddles! Knowing that my partner and I created that life, that she is equal parts of the two of us. 

What inspired you to become a stay/work from home mum? 

I have always wanted to work for myself, but as the main bread-winner (previously a single mum to Samera's brothers) and a parent it wasn't possible for a long time. That is until I moved to the farm and my business was encouraged! Being a work/stay at home mum is a no-brainer for me as I absolutely love my job, but I also love being able to stay home with my daughter, and take her to work with me. 

How do you manage to balance work, motherhood and life?

Haha, I don't!! Being live-in carers of Spencer's father as well, makes 'balance' a lot harder, and with Mera getting bigger and being able to reach things, makes work harder, too. I try to only work when she's asleep, and make sure we always take time out to enjoy our lives as well, even if that is just a meal at the local pub together.


What do you do to keep yourself 'in check' as a busy mum? 

Coffee, chocolate and bubba kisses!! Those three things keep me going!!

What has been your biggest achievement as a stay/work from home mum ?

I think the biggest achievement is simply that I am still going. A few times I have almost quit, but I guess the passion I have for my work makes all the hard yards worth it.

What have you struggled with most and how have you overcome it ?

Space is an issue for me at them moment. I don't have enough of it to keep the stock levels where I'd like them. So some products I have to make to order only, and that can mean a delay in processing times. We will soon be building a new shed, that will have a whole room in it just for me!!

Who inspires you and why?
Kristie Cirak (This Mum At Home) does! Always working, even if it means no sleep, always doing things to better your business while also being the best mum! It is very obvious that your children are your drive and inspiration to keep going 🙂  - my goodness thank you Shannan that was so kind of you to say and I know you will inspire others here with your story too!

If you could go back in time to see your younger self, what advice would you give?

Run away from that dark haired boy lol lol lol ! I would tell myself to go with your gut, if it doesn't feel right, move on. You deserve the best don't settle.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully married!! Business-wise I am hoping to have a larger scale operation for the making of my products, a few consultants under me selling my products, many wholesalers stocking my products, and that The Aromatic Artisan is a well known name. Maybe not as well known as Glasshouse Candles, but close!

What is your number 1 advice point to other mum's looking to work from home?

Do what you love. If you don't love it, if it's not part of what is getting you up each day, and keeping you awake with passion and excitement at night, you won't stick with it. 'Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life'.


You can visit Shannan at her website The Aromatic Artisan.

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