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Most people I know hate grocery shopping, they dred it actually! Especially if they have small children they have to take as well. I myself love doing it. I don’t know why but I think it’s just I enjoy ‘shopping’ whether that’s grocery shopping, fun shopping or window shopping. Big or small I love it. Especially when there is a bargain to be had lol.

These days there is much less shopping for myself and rather more shopping for everyone else in the house… groceries, clothes, gifts … things that are more along those lines rather than for me. Aside from buying a coffee I cant remember the last time I brought something for myself. To be honest I don’t really need anything! I just function as I go on with the day lol. So perhaps that’s why I enjoy grocery shopping as it is kind of for me. I also generally don’t ever have to take my kids with me as I shop when my husband can look after the kids majority of the time. If I ever take Joseph with me on a big grocery shop its more of an adventure. He is very easy to take being that he is 6 years old and really just wants to pretend he is a checkout person serving me all the way around the store lol  The only time (before the other day) that I have taken Isabella (1year) in is if it’s a quick visit to a supermarket at a shopping center, then she’s already in a pram and its only for a couple of things and easy.


The other day however, Johnny was away and I needed to go grocery shopping. Isabella had never sat in a shopping trolley, so I had a bit of anxiety about how she was going to go in a trolley, but it turned out she loved it! She spent the entire time yelling “weeeeee weeeeee” all around the store enjoying her ride lol Joseph was good as usual and was rewarded with a nice chocolate milk at the end. My grocery shop was quick and simple as always. Even having the kids it was a success! So perhaps I might even let them both come along at other times lol

So how did I make my grocery shopping so quick & simple? Take a look at My Top 5 ways that help me every week in making it through grocery shopping with ease…


1. SHOPPING TROLLEY BAGS – Wowsa have these made a difference! If you are in Australia currently Aldi is the only store where you have to buy bags and pack your own groceries (unless your in Coles/Woolworth self serve). What I have found work amazing in Aldi and have MADE GROCERY SHOPPING MORE SIMPLE AND QUICK is using their shopping trolley bags. People constantly ask me about them when I'm in the store and I can see nothing but eyes on me when I'm zooming out of there and they are still packing their own groceries lol.
2. ONGOING GROCERY LIST – Not only does this save time, but it also helps you avoid forgetting items. I have a constant shopping list going right from the day I do grocery shopping through to the next time I need to go. You can do one as simple as writing on a piece of paper stuck to the fridge or you can use something like my Grocery Calculator. My Grocery calculator allows you to input up to 3 stores at once, keep all your regular products in with pricing and add new products. I always have my usual items listed along with the price and then just update qty amounts through the week or add in new items I think I might need. By the end of the week I can see what I need quicker than having to make a list before I go and it’s also great for sticking to my grocery budget. If I feel like I’m over my budget, I can then simply rethink some things I have listed eg do I really need that chocolate ? lol
    3. MEAL PLANNING AHEAD OF TIME – This for me is a must and something out of everything I do weekly that I would suggest to anyone struggling with time and organization in the home. You can read more about Meal Planning For Beginners + printable here. By doing meal planning I’m able to keep that grocery list updated, stop buying unnecessary/impulse things and make sure I have somewhat balanced meals for everyone. I start making my next weeks meal plan a few days before my next grocery shopping day. If you really wanted to, this is something you can do fortnightly or even monthly if you really don’t want to visit the grocery store weekly. I myself have tried all ways, but prefer weekly just to give a good variety and change. I found if I did it too far in advance things got a little repetitive. I also have to go weekly for fresh fruit and vegetables anyway, so I may as well get the other things whilst I’m there!
      4. KNOW YOUR STORES AND CHOOSE LESS STOPS– People either do all their shopping at one store or they shop at multiple stores wanting particular items and sales. I myself have learnt that even when the bigger stores are having sales, Aldi is still lower in price if not the same. So I choose to do 95% of my shopping there. If I need any other items I can’t get at Aldi then I get those items at Coles most of the time to ensure I collect my Fly Buys points. That way I’m only doing 2 stops. If there is ever a time when I havn’t been able to go shopping then I use Coles click and collect (see below).
        5. CLICK & COLLECT / HOME DELIVERY – If we didn’t have an Aldi this is the way I would do my shopping every week! Click & collect / home delivery is offered by both Coles & Woolworths here in Australia. I have used this option a few times when I havn’t been able to make it to the store eg sick/when I had a baby. I also use it when we go away on holidays to have the groceries delivered to our hotel on arrival. Because you shop online it not only shows you a final $$$ total,  but it keeps a record of your usual items that you buy. This makes things so quick and simple week to week as you don’t have to start from scratch.


          So those are my top 5 ways that help me make grocery shopping simple for me each week. Let me know in the comments if you do any of these little tricks!



          • Great tips! And I feel ya on not buying things for yourself. Buying special snacks from the store feels like a serious splurge :)

          • Great tips! I enjoy shopping too but only when I am by myself lol.

            Nakia Purefoy
          • I try to implement these things but I find that I enjoy my grocery shopping time with Karl. It’s one of the few things we are able to do together since we work opposite shifts.

          • Great tips! I haven’t had the chance to try out any click&collect options, but it seems like it would work like a dream! One other thing I do to save time, is to write my list in the order I go around the store. Then I don’t end up zig-zagging around to get things further down the list. Big time saver!

            Lisa | Mom Without A Village
          • Great tips! I too enjoy shopping of any kind. Having an on-going list is crucial for me. If I don’t have one I swear my mind goes blank and buy nothing on my list when I enter the store.


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