Grocery Haul Vlogs For Meal Planning Mums

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If you are familiar with the This Mum At Home main You Tube channel, then you would have seen my many many many grocery haul vlogs. They were to begin with monthly, then just before Christmas they went to weekly to keep up with my children – now they are fortnightly to have the best of both worlds (see my Weekly Vs Monthly Grocery Shopping blog post to see why). 

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Watch The Latest Grocery Haul Vlog




What Is A Grocery Haul Vlog?

My particular grocery haul vlogs are videos of my grocery shop. I let you know –

* Where I shop

* What my budget is

* What I spent

* What I purchase

* How I grocery shop

* An in site into my Meal Planning for that period.


Why You Should Watch Grocery Hauls

Grocery hauls are a favorite not only for me to watch of others but also for the many mum viewers I have. Why? It gives us all some insite into how others are managing such a big part of our responsibility as a mum and wife. It helps manage your own budgets, ways of smart shopping and also gives some ideas on new things to try.


Want To Watch My Grocery Hauls & Meal Planning Vlogs?

If you want to come along for some grocery shopping fun and meal planning, check out the latest grocery hauls and meal planning vlogs on the This Mum At Home channel HERE

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  • Oh that is pretty cool. I should really check this out. I am a huge menu/meal planner and this is such a great idea for ways to stay on budget.

  • This is pretty cool. I had never seen a grocery haul vlog before but it seems they’re very helpful.

  • Grocery shopping with no meal plan in mind can be very costly and I know vlogs like this will help my single mom subscribers. Sharing this on my Facebook page!

    Daisha Renee
  • Wow, I’ve never seen a grocery-shopping-trip vlog before, either (let alone heard of them) – but what a cool way to share your tips! – LOVE it! :)

    Flossie McCowald | SuperMomHacks
  • Wow first grocery haul vlog I’ve ever seen! Food shopping can be so costly if you aimlessly walk around picking things up without a meal in mind, love it!

    Kat Ledder

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