Today I thought I would introduce you to my new School Day Rules printable – FREE using code SCHOOLDAYRULES100.

Maybe you have already seen and used my School Holiday Rules printable these school holidays? If you have not, pop over to my blog post and check it out. It’s all about keeping kids in routine during the school holidays and keeping tabs on balancing time between technology & other playtime activities. For me it helps make mine and the kids daily routines simple and in check. It also helps the transition back to school a more simple one.


So what is the School Day Rules printable? This printable is set to remind Joseph what he should be doing in the mornings before school to be on time and then again after school and into a nightly routine.  For my life to run more simple I introduced this set of rules just so I could cope with trying to balance everything that comes with running a house, a school child, a 1 year old and running a business / blog from home. Other wise I honestly just couldn’t get everything done – especially homework and readers (yes he had homework straight from grade prep).

I have to say also, just like the School Holiday Rules printable, this School Day Rules printable also helps keep balance for Joseph as far as technology & play goes. Technology is fantastic and it is the way the world is going as far as a lot of job positions go etc Joseph also does school/educational programs on the computer, so it is used for more than just random game play (which we also love). It would of coarse be super easy for me to let him come home and just stay on the computer all evening, but then I fear he will in fact grow up and do exactly that 24/7 rather than enjoying the things that life brings. I really don’t want my kids to miss the world going on around them.

So if you loved the School Holiday Rules printable or are after something you can use as a guide for your own school kids, check out the School Day Rules printable – FREE using code SCHOOLDAYRULES100.


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  • That chart is just beautiful! We totally need rules on school days in our house, in order to be sure that homework gets done and whatnot, so I can’t wait to start using this!

    Flossie McCowald | SuperMomHacks
  • These are such adorable printables!!! Sharing this post with my mom who is a second grade teacher :)

  • The school day rules printables looked pretty awesome, Indeed I want my kids to keep gadgets a little away and these printables would be a great idea for this.


  • Seems to be very useful indeed, will surely make use of this

    Menaka Bharathi
  • Iloved the Idea of daily routine Printable for kids. I will try this for my kids for sure.

    Jiya B

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