$350 October Monthly Grocery Haul + FREE Meal Planning Printable

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Well this months grocery haul turned out a little different than normal. Many of you in the past have commented on my grocery haul videos or sent me messages to ask how I get my grocery shop so low $$$ wise. Most of the time its because I have young children in comparison to those that message me. They quiet often have older growing boys that just do not stop eating! They can eat a lot more than my 1 & 6 year old children, So obviously that does effect things.

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My grocery hauls are not about how low I can get my spend but really about meal planning properly and being able to stick to a budget that is suitable for our family and our circumstances. That is what meal planning and the grocery hauls are all about for me. It helps simplify my life and taking back hours to better spend elsewhere with my family. Of coarse I try and stay within the lowest budget I can, but my $$$ budget will not apply to everyone watching. You need to decide on what $$$ is suitable for your size family etc. 


Changes This Month

The big change for me this month was that I needed to up my budget! I have not done this in a very long time, but I am right in the middle of school holidays at the moment and the kids are eating more than ever!

My previous budget has always been $300 per month on the grocery haul + $100 to spend over the next 4 weeks on fresh fruit & veg, as well as anything I may run out of or forgotten. THIS MONTH I added another $50 to the budget + I have $100 to spend as always over the next 4 weeks on the fresh etc.

The other BIG BONUS was that I shopped my bulk at Coles with click and collect instead of Aldi as I was able to purchase a $250 Coles voucher off the Coles store on ebay for only $200 !!! So I saved another $50 there which was huge. I utilized that $50 by spending it on meats at Coles instead of buying them as Aldi as they are always the most expensive things to buy in a grocery shop. If your in Australia you can see vouchers here for Coles to save when available on Ebay. 


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Next Months Grocery Haul

So next month I would love to use another Coles $250 voucher if they become available again. I have gone ahead and clicked follow on their Ebay store in hope they will redo again. I do not want to miss out! It’s a huge savings that $50 plus I get the added bonus of collecting my Fly Buys points from Coles that I then turn into $$$ to spend at Coles Myer locations. So I save even more on groceries, gifts etc I will obviously then be doing the bulk of my shop at Coles and filling in other items at Aldi. For me this is usually the fruit and veg as they are so much cheaper at Aldi. I can also select my own where as on Click & Collect I can not. If they do not do teh offer again I will be shopping at Aldi and filling at Coles :) .

Ill have the monthly grocery budget at $350 + $100 to spend over the 4 weeks on the usual. By shopping monthly I save over $100 in comparison to shopping weekly!

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