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There is nothing worse than having bored children at home "Mum, Mum? Muuuuuum". Yep! You know that's what you get lol. I have found having a plan put in place makes it not only more simple for me to plan the everyday things I need to do, but also makes a happier child if they have things to look forward to.  


So how do you do this?

Plan ahead! Come up with ideas on things you can do and schedule them into a calendar ahead of time. Pre planning your school holidays assist your kids to know what they have to look forward to. Its amazing how 'less bored' they will feel (even on the days you have nothing planned) when they can see what is ahead of time.

Here are some suggestions to get you going...

1. Have A Family Meeting - Sit down at the start of the holidays with your children and talk through what you can do over the school holidays that everyone will enjoy as a family.

2. Don't Overwhelm - You do not have to do something every single day. Remember its nice to be at home some days and do activities around the house or just have some rest time. Kids are at school all day and being at home enjoying what they have is also a novelty for them! If you are out every day your only going to exhaust them (and yourself).

3. You Do Not Have To Spend A Million Dollars - Spending all your money is not necessarily going to make your time better. In fact it can add a lot of stress if you spend the entire time worried about what your spending rather than enjoying the moment. Whilst going to a awesome show, theme park or vacation can be an amazing experience there are also other less expensive activities you can do! Why not plan some days at the park, bike riding, a nature walk or a play date at home with a friend?


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4. Things To Keep In Mind

  • Will everyone enjoy the activity?
  • Is it age appropriate?
  • What is the one thing each person would like to do during their holidays?
  • What is the cost?


5. Make A School Holiday Calendar - Once you have decided on the activities you will do in the holidays, fill them into a calendar so you can clearly see what is planned on what day and at what time. Try this 2pk School Holiday Rules + School Holidays Calendar Printable -50% OFF use code HOLIDAY50 on checkout.

6. Display The Plan - A good idea is to have a calendar on display where your children can see. They then know what they have to look forward to each day and will feel less bored and happier.

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So get planning for the next school holidays. Get the kids involved and get them excited! No more "mmmmuuuummmm Im bored" comments, just happy and fun times ahead!