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Dreaming Disney is something I have done since I was a little girl. I mean what child didn’t dream with such wonderful stories that brought you into the world of Mickey & friends? 36 years later and the wonderful world of Disney has expanded so much more than just the Mickey Mouse cartoons. We have a world of Princesses, Pirates, Cars, Toys (story), Superheroes, Star Wars and much much more! 

In today’s world there is much more of a possibility of travelling overseas to all things Disney than when I was a child. Family holidays overseas were only for the very wealthy. I didn’t know anyone at all that went overseas for holidays 30 years ago – now everyone I practically know has been at one point or another. In all honesty its sometimes even cheaper to travel overseas these days than stay within Australia. For example we did a pacific cruise a couple of years ago and now doing another next year costing us $1000-$2000 less than what it would be if we were doing a holiday to QLD.

The thought of finally doing a Disney trip with my husband & kids is nothing short of absolute anxious excitement! Having experiences together as a family,  big or small is what I believe life is all about. In the end (when ever that may be young or old in passing) those memories and experiences we have had together is what is important and treasured, not what we own. And whilst Disney may be one of those ‘big’ experiences, I know It is achievable. It will just take some time and thought to get there! 

Travelling from Australia with a family of 4 would be an expensive ordeal if we were to see all 4 Disney creations – Disneyland, California Adventure Park, Disney World & Disney Cruises (with Castaway Cay).  Unless we come into some serious $$$ we may not make it all the way to Florida, but we will for sure make it to where it all began – Disneyland California. For me to see the imagination of one man not limited by the ways of the world is just inspiring. He was a man that pursued when most would think it was impossible. He was not at all limited by his imagination and that is so inspiring!

So the goal is set! If you know me, you know I’m an expert at planning family travel! I do not just book the first price that comes across my desk, I research well and make sure we get the best possible outcome. I have of coarse already started researching! So I am putting it out there into the universe and setting a goal to finally achieve this dream in 2021. That year I will turn 40 (what an amazing 40th present), my husband 38 & the kids will be old enough (5-6yrs & 10-11yrs) to experience, remember and appreciate. That gives us 4 years to put a plan together and get together a separate savings account for this adventure - Read about our Disney Vacation Account in my next blog post.

So if you want to follow along and see how ‘Our Tickets To Disney’ are achieved, I would love to have you!

Let me now in the comments if you have experienced the world of Disney. What tips and tricks do you have that you would like to share ?





  • I’ve never been to Disney either and like you said it just seems unreachable… always has just like traveling across seas, (for me anyway) but nowadays it is totally possible! One day my family and I will go there, hopefully about the same time you are when my daughter will also be about 5-6. From Australia to America then Disneyland though… What an adventure! :) I hope your guy’s dream comes true!

  • I’ve been to Disney World once when I was in middle school and it was so much fun! I would love to make the trip with my kids one day, too! They are huge Disney fans!

  • Disney trips are expensive, but I know some people love it! Good luck.

    Barbara Alfeo
  • Going to Disney World can be expensive. My dad went this year and he was telling me about the pricing. I am glad that you have set a goal for your family so you can all eventually go. I wish you the best and hope you achieve your goals. Making memories with your family is important.

  • Wow! I would love to see how much you saved, I’m all about saving money!

    Torche' Nash

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