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Children are use to routine on a school day. They know on a school day what they need to do in the morning to start their day and what is to come at school with times of learning, breaks and finishing. And if you are like me you usually have a nightly routine that you follow to make things run smoothly.

When it comes to school holiday time it's easy to go with the flow and fall out of routine. Whilst there is nothing wrong with relaxing a little, it can make things difficult when your children have to return to school & for you to keep your own daily routines.


Last holidays I quickly learnt what late day pajama living and eat when we feel like it times, can do when you try and return to normal school day routines. I also realized how much time (or should I say too much time) was being spent on technology with not much else done for the day. I ended up with a little boy that would live in pajamas until I prompted him to change, simple daily tasks like brushing your teeth forgotten and meal times in a mess. He also spent hours on technology (granted some things were school educational programs) and not even realising how much time had passed. Going back to school was unsettled and simply a mess. My own daily routine's in a shambles, as I was constantly trying to keep on him with things he should be doing.

Introducing just a little reminder of what should be done daily and having an activity plan for the school holidays, has not only helped avoid hours going by on electronic devices, but helped keep routines and gave little disruption to his return to school.  My own life as a busy Mumma resulting in keeping things organized and simple, as I was getting my own daily tasks and business work done as normal.

So if you too find you need something to help keep the kids in a more productive and regular routine, try this simple Kids Holiday Rules Printable - FREE use code WINTER2017 on checkout.


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  • Oh I completely agree. Both of my children do not cope when routines are changed, so where possible we keep routines the same during the school holidays! And if something is going to change, I have to give them both plenty of notice.

    Jenni Petrey
  • This is such an incredible post full of helpful information. My children work best with schedules (as do I), so this will help us so much! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Oh YES! I can relate to this SO MUCH, my daughter is 5 and she’s the same way! If schools out, she is in PJs all day, glued to electronics, no schedule. It is like chaos when she has to go back!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

    Courtney Densmore
  • Routines are so important for kids!

  • What a great idea. I can always use resources to help the day go smoother! Thanks for sharing.


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