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So Why Did I Start My Blogging Journey? 

Why does anyone start a blog? Everyone has different reasons for starting a journey like this and really a blog is personal regardless of if it is for business or pleasure.

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Some people start a blog to let out a creative passion; some to tell their personal story; some crave a different career path, some want to add to an existing business for promotional purposes & some just want to make money.

I myself have spent at least 20 years having the urge to write a book. I truely have no idea why! It’s just something that’s never left my mind. I never knew what type of book, I’ve just always had a pull towards doing. When ever I did start, it was always something that was advice and help for other women. It’s just the pull I’ve been drawn to with topics changing as my life evolved and changed. I would always start but I just never finished or felt like they were complete for some reason.


20 years later and I stumbled across blogging – mum blogging actually. It was really where I wanted to be. Connect with other women and help where I could from my own life experiences. I was doing things in life where I was helping other women (close mum friends & family) with relatable topics that I talk about here and thought why not start a blog. It would be my online book! The more I read and taught myself, the more it made sense.

With a passion for business I’ve done many things. Some have been successful and others not so much. As time has gone on and babies have been born, my business that I started 6 years ago (photography) doesn’t seem to be fitting my world I have now with my 2 precious beans. So with an uncontrollable business mind I couldn’t help but look at my blog as another opportunity to develop financially as well as fill that everlasting pull I’ve had for the last 20 years to write. The added bonus was also that I could use the blog to help promote and work with the Josabella Kids business that was still working well with my current family circumstances. After all being a work from home mum is part of the This Mum At Home journey!


What keeps me motivated?

My head is constantly filled with ideas and advice to write about. It has consumed me so much through the years that getting it out onto ‘paper’ (actually my latop) has given me much needed relief!

The choice to make it a ‘business’ is simply to contribute another income in our home as a work from home mum. That way I can spend the time with my children I feel is needed as they develop in these younger years. Having as much quality time together as a family and experiencing the world is what is most important to me. So as most blogging mums feel working from home helps fit that desire.


Is It Really Viable As An Income?

The one thing I will say is never think a blog isn’t work. It is A LOT OF HARD WORK, working when ever you can around your existing priorities. The more you put in the more you will get out of it. Do not start a blog with the focus just on money or it will never work. You need relatable content to your readers that your passionate about to write.

I initially didn’t start the blog as a focus on income, but I found that my home photography business of 6 years just wasn’t working after the birth of Isabella (now 1yr) & Joseph (6yr) starting school. It proved very difficult to keep up with work involved with this type of business.

I had started a connecting business Josabella Kids – digital kids birthday invitations, letters from Santa & The Easter Bunny. I realized just how much more functional a business like this was. It was digital and completely online. I could literally do it anywhere in the world , so even when travelling I was still able to bring in some $$$ for some extra fun! I soon shifted my thoughts to taking advantage of my business experience and applying the digital aspects to this blog. Tim Ferris – The 4 Hour Work Week has been a great inspiration in making this choice.

There have been many many many successful mum bloggers able to create different levels of income from their blogs. So far from putting in a lot of hard work I was able to make my first lot of income in September. Read How I made $865.52 in my first real month blogging. It may not be millions, but it is something and something that drives me to work even harder to make this a success.

I am constantly learning from other blogging mums through their own experiences and teaching myself the ins and outs of building my blog awareness. I’ve always been able to teach myself something I am passionate about, so I am confident that this blog will be something that will work for the time I need. However long that may be – hopefully forever, if not at least for the time my children are young.


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  • I love the reasons why you started blogging. I started simply to clear my mind from the journey that we are on as a family!

    Jenni Petrey

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