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I’ve been making websites myself for over 10 years. I’ve done many for friends and currently have 3 for myself This Mum At Home Blog, Josabella Kids & Kristabelle Photography. Currently I have made these through Shopify and love their services! – Start your 14 Day FREE Trial here.

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Why do I go to the trouble of making my own websites ? The short answer is to simply save $$$. Also doing it myself I have constant access to it to make changes day or night. If I was to get someone else to make and host my website it could be north of $1000 plus ongoing management costs. In addition to that every time I would want to add things or make changes I would need to get someone else to do it – terrible if you need to do blog posts!


How To Get Started

So how can you create your own website / blog / online store ? Here are the basics to get you started:


1. Choose A Name – This name is very important and there are a few things you SHOULD do before you just go out call yourself what ever it is your thinking.

    - Choose a name you think will represent what you are wanting to promote. Make sure it is something that can last and not get dated.

    - Once you have the name in mind you need to cross check you can use it for all areas possible eg legally register as a business name, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & SUPER IMPORTANT REGISTER AS A DOMAIN NAME. To do this just search all the necessary avenues to check no one else is using it!

    - If the name checks out make sure you claim all your social media sites & register the business name legally (domain name register we will do in next step)


    2. Find Yourself A Website Host - I currently use Shopify. They have a great online store setup and support. Previous to this I was using WEBS for 10 years, however they became dated with what was available and I could not move forward with where I wanted things to go. Shopify allowed me to create a website, along with a blog & online store. I also have the ability to monetize (place advertisements) & add 100’s of different elements. You can start off with the free template (I've used that for all 3 of mine), you do not need to spend big $$$ on initial setup. Shopify also have a wonderful support system in place to give you help anytime you need it with their 24 hour live chat – this is what really made me move over to them during my FREE 14 Day Trial period. The help I was receiving as I was learning to navigate around was amazing day or night! Being that Shopify is promoted as a online store they have the back end of this section done extremely well, with a complete report and customer tracking system in place.


    3. Register The Domain Name – Who ever you go with to host your website, will have a section for you to purchase and set up your domain name eg

      Down the track it is important to think about purchasing further domains and link them too eg I registered amongst others – so as I'm in Australia we say mum not mom, but of coarse in USA and others its spelt mom so it was only smart of me to purchase the alternative too!


      4. Create Your Brand/Logo – If your not digitally minded to do this you can work with affordable people on places such as Etsy to help you.


      5. Create Essential Pages On Your Website – Contact Page, About Page, Blog (if your having one), Shop (if your having one – highly recommended to help with your income stream), subscribe/newsletter page & MOST IMPORTANTLY a home/start here page. For blogs it’s always great to name your home page as ‘start here’ so readers can look at what topics you cover etc and find things easily.


      6. Blog - If your doing a blog write your first blog post. This is a must! You need to give readers a taste of what’s to come. Explain what your sites about and what they can expect. Once you have done a second blog post make sure you return to your first to add in links where possible to the next blog post etc if applicable.


      7. Online Store - Start setting up the back end eg payment setup, products, photos, descriptions, qty, shipping etc EVEN IF YOU ONLY STARTED THIS TO DO A INFORMATIONAL WEBSITE OR BLOG adding a store is something that can give you extra income. Think about what you could perhaps offer to sell to your visitors.


      8. Write An About Page – An about page is essential to help authenticate your website a bit more to those looking. People like to know who has done the website and what they are all about. Its also great to read a backstory on where someone has come from and how they have gotten to this point now. I always encourage people to include a photo here too. Its always really nice to relate to the person in that way, especially If you’re a mum looking at another mum.


      9. Set Up Social Media Sharing Buttons – I would highly recommend a floating share button bar that moves as the person scrolls down a page etc. At Zotabox you can get this for free! Most hosting websites will also have share buttons built into pages such as blog posts, but I would still recommend also having the floating share buttons as they tend to get clicked more often and offer more platforms.

      10. Publish For Public View – Once you have checked over everything you have set up and written – double check it – triple check it - and then press the publish button!


        These are the basics to get you at least up and running. Be sure to jump on all your social media to start promoting and get it out there to the world! - Next step let's talk about making money with your website / blog as a work from home mum! (stay tuned for this next post)


        • REPLY Claudia **** – Its hard doing a name change. I recently just did a business name change for my photography, but it was easier to do that being its a business not so much a blog so people on my Facebook and hunting me down know how to find me. When it come’s to a blog I’ve known people to change their name as it doesn’t fit anymore, however to do so and keep readers they have established subscriber lists, Facebook pages etc to let people know … otherwise people wont find you anymore! - unless for a while you keep both teh old and the new domain connected to your website :)
          This Mum At Home
        • Super helpful! I have been wanting to change my blog name for a while now. I don’t feel like my current one resonates with me anymore. It’s still a pretty small blog but I don’t want to lose my followers/subscribers. Should I start over or find a way to keep going with the same one?

        • This is a great article with loads of tips. Wish I’d seen a post like this when I was setting up my blog site :)

          Jenni Petrey
        • This a great starts list with all the steps. I would’ve loved to have found an article like this when I was starting out!

          Betty Boiron
        • Great tips! I was surprised to find there are still things I had missed. Getting on them right away!

          The Salty Mamas

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