3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Blog & You Tube Channel For Your Business.

 3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Blog & You Tube Channel For Your Business - with This Mum At Home #sahm #wahm #workfromhomemum #mom #blogging #blogger #howtoblog #howtostartaonlinebusiness

So you have started a business isn’t that enough work? Why could you possibly need a blog and a You Tube channel to add more work onto your shoulders? Its simple really – it’s smart marketing that = more potential income . . . Its marketing on a more personal level.



How I Ended Up With A You Tube Channel & Blog

When I started my You Tube channel This Mum At Home a couple of years ago, I had no idea I would end up with a related blog or would be using both for business purposes.

I created 2 totally digital businesses. The first was Josabella Kids, an extension of my photography business I had. It provides digital personalised kids invitations that can be emailed to anyone in the world. The second was this blog - This Mum At Home. The blog really developed out of a creative itch I had been dealing with for 20 years to write a book. I didn’t know what type of book, I just knew I wanted to write something to help others. I had tried so many times to start and nothing felt right, but the blog allowed me to do this in so many ways. I use Shopify for both the blog and Josabella Kids and LOVE it! You can create your own website/blog with a FREE 14 day trial now!

Having both the blog and You Tube channel I can now reach mums all over the world and help them conquer the crazyness of their everyday lives with just the touch of a button. I promote the blog and the invitation business on my You Tube channel, and vise versa, to help draw in more vistors/customers.


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Make your own website & blog with a FREE 14 day trial now!



Why You Should Have Both


1. You Can Promote Your Business Worldwide - Both give you a platform to reach a worldwide audience. A audience that you can promote your business or blog to. In the world of social media these days having a business or blog no longer restricts you to just your local. You have so many options to not only ship worldwide, but to also do business digitaly like I have done here on the blog and on Josabella Kids

A great source for sharing your blog posts or You Tube vlogs is on Pinterest. Pinterest being a great option as it really is treated as a search engine these days … Last month my monthly unique views on my Pinterest account were 390k + and it continues to grow! As long as your pinning not only your own content but also others, your drawing in potential readers for both!  


2. You Can Create Income – There are a few ways to make an income from both...

Become A You Tube Partner  - I quickly learnt it could help bring in another form of income. Within a month You Tube had contacted me to become a ‘You Tube Partner’. This was prior to the new qulifications that you have to meet. I instantly started making a small amount of money monthly via You Tube. It wasn’t a lot but it was something and I took it as a way of paying for my websites for the blog and Josabella Kids. I could see a lot of people giving  bigger You Tubers hell and saying they were ‘selling out’ by monetizing their You Tube channels. I could never understand this, because why shouldn’t they make money from what they do? Do you know the amount of work that goes into making vlogs? It may look like not much when you watch someones day, I can assure it takes a lot more than the 10-15 minutes you are seeing! That’s why I monetized as soon as it was offered to me! That’s why I encourage anyone starting a You Tube channels to strive to meet the new qualifications and start as soon as you can! Creating content people want will get you there eventually :)

Advertising Spots On Your Blog - I currently use Google Adsense for my changing blog advertising spots (it's also what I use for You Tube). These ads generate to each individual based on their internet search history. So they are much better than a standard picture advertisement. I am also currently developing other spots on my website such as the ‘Featured Sponsors’ spot on my home page and the ‘Mummy Directory’ for other more permanent  advertisement spots.

Sponsored Vlogs & Blog Posts – Working with different businesses that relate to what your You Tube channel & website is about will not only increase your viewer/readership, but can also increase your income. Some vloggers/bloggers accept items in exchange for promoting their products, whilst others charge a fee. Either way if it’s a product that you want and works for you, you are making something from it. Ways you can do this is by doing product reviews, social media posts, including in vlogs etc.

Referring To Your Own Products – You Tube is a perfect place to show and talk to people about your products. For example when ever I am using my printables in my home to make my life more simple I always show, share and explain what they are to my viewers. I always mention the This Mum At Home blog and leave a link below the video in the description to where they can find everything. For me this has helped grow my subscription email list when people sign up to receive my current #mumboss products and it has also generated some income from those that have signed up to the VIP Lounge here on the blog. Whilst they may be small amounts of $$$ , every $ adds up!



3. People Get To Know You On A Personal Level – When writing blog posts and filming vlogs you should always include your own personality into each. Do not pretend to be someone you are not just to ‘fit in with what everyone else is doing’.

When It Comes To You Tube - Even if you are not doing some ‘day in the life’ vlogs like I do, your audience still gets to see your personality in any vlog you post. They can see who you are as a person, your passions, ,values and future aspirations. This is why it is super important to be yourself on Your Tube. Don’t pretend to be another You Tuber just to get views and sell yourself. Don’t make popular themed videos that do not relate to what you are about just to get views. They will eventually see right through you and you will lose your audience. Personally I found being myself has allowed other mums to relate to me and believe that what I am offering is not just a scam! I have vlogged happy, sad, excited, pregnant, sick, stressed, overwhelmed, makeup on and makeup off! They have seen it all!

Within Blog Posts - Whilst I always include the important required information, I always write as though I am writing a letter to myself or having a conversation with a friend. In doing that, the kind of wording I use is exactly how I would speak in real life if you meet me. I'd rather give a sense of story telling than a boring information piece, because that’s what I prefer to read myself!


So Where Do You Start?

Be sure to be online with your own website for your business. I have been building websites for my own businesses for over 10 years and experienced a few different self hosting options, BUT I was happy to find Shopify in the last 12+months and switched my existing businesses/blog over. It by far has been the best option for me giving me a excellent foundation to set up a online store (the back end is perfect for me and easy to use), blog posts, different pages & advertising options. It also has an excellent app that you can see everything you need for analytics, orders and more! If you would like to give Shopify a try you can with this FREE 14 day trial now!

Once online start writing some blog posts in relation to your products that are interesting but straight to the point for readers. Blog posts are an excellent way to promote any new product and give updates. From there make complimentary videos to a blog post so you can embed it into your blog post, but also post on You Tube to gage with that demographic too.

Starting a You Tube channel is super easy and you can start with as little as just using your iPhone. Trust me you would be surprised to know how many popular You Tubers started out that way.


Set Up A Schedule & Idea Tracker

Writing down your post/vlog ideas on a 'dump sheet' is a great way to decide what you want to talk about and where they can lead to each other. It's also important to form some sort of schedule where you can so you can be consistent with your content and keep readers/viewers engaged.

To get you started, why not try my 2pk Vlog & Blog Post Schedule + Dump Sheet pack for FREE by signing up as a This Mum At Home subscriber FREE!


Just Remember . . .

Remember not everyone likes reading, they prefer 'watching' and vise versa. So doing both is super important to attract as many people as you can. As soon as you have published a blog post or You Tube video be sure to share on all social media platforms and take advantage of that world wide audience!




  • Such an informative post especially for the newbie like me. All your points are really practical and great.
    Thanks for sharing

    Jyoti kiran
  • I have a channel but am yet to get started on the videos I need to make. Seems intimidating but a good suggestion!

    Vaibhav Mehta
  • I have a blog and think about youtube channel so thanks for the tips. Maybe I will be a little bit more confident to start that channel

  • Though I do not blog for a business (i dont have one), I see you point about publicity through blogging

  • These two channels are so very awesome for a business to have to reach different readership. Some people don’t have time to read info and so to have a video way for them to get the info is so awesome.

    Becca Wilson

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