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As a stay at home mum I have turned myself into a ‘work from home mum’ by creating multiple income streams to help financially in our home. My ‘work money’ is used for extra things like savings, holidays, family experiences and sometimes helping out with the higher bills we have at times. The following are 20 ideas to inspire you to become a ‘work from home mum’ and contribute financially whilst raising your kids …
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1. Blogging – Of coarse this has to be included! To be successful in blogging you need to have a passion for what you are writing and then be able to target your niche audience. Majority of people do not make money in their first month or even in the first 6 months, but if you're hard working and are willing to learn the tricks of the trade there is some serious money to be made. I myself have built my own websites and blogs through Shopify.for a 14 day free trail click here.
Here are just some of the ways I and other bloggers can make money:

  • Advertisement -  You can work with advertisers such as Google Adsense to place advertisements within your website or sell individual spots yourself to businesses.
  • Affiliate Programs – This is when you work with companies or businesses in recommending their product and have visitors click on your referring link. If the reader buys you will receive a comissison of some sort.
  • Product Selling – A lot of bloggers have their own eBooks, 'How To' programs and products that they sell online. You can see my store I have set up HERE. I use Shopify to build my blog/website and sell products. Shopify have a great support team and well structured store setup to support people wanting to sell products, start a blog or website. – for a 14 day free trail click here.
  • Sponsored Posts – Companies will either contact you or you can even reach out yourself to companies of interest to work with. Sponsored posts usually consist of bloggers doing some sort of product review or blog post on a product. In return you receive an agreed payment or product.

2. Join Airtasker – There are a huge amount of jobs being offered on this site of all kinds. Some jobs can pay as low as $5 right up into the 1000’s! The beauty of Airtasker is that there are a lot of online jobs that you can do for people too eg promoting their company on your social media.

3. Get Your Creative On – Do you have a talent for making something special ? Something that people would like for for themselves or could buy as gifts for someone else? Perhaps you have a solution to a problem? If you have a talent for making something, consider how you could sell such items online, at markets etc.

4. Freelance Writing – This is something bloggers, journalists or even ghost writers can do. A blogger can write blog posts for other bloggers. Journalists can write articles for publications both in print and online. Ghosts writers are people that write things such as books for the named author.

5. Virtual Assistant – There is a big market for virtual assistants to manage businesses for people online in the way of administration eg email reading and responding, article writing & social media management.

6. Product Testers – There are a different number of ways you can do this. Most companies look at people that will have an audience such as on blogs, You Tube or social media – Instagram (popular due to the nature of photo opportunities), Twitter & Facebook. If your searching out companies to work with in Australia take a look at Product Testing Australia. They accept everyday people to work with them to do testing and write/record video reviews in return for free product and money.

7. Become A Mystery Shopper – Companies such as Service Integrity & AU/UK Mystery Shopper can pay people up to $200 in vouchers and products to do a mystery shopping assignment. Anyone can do these mystery shops not just experienced people. My advice is to choose only products/stores you are interested in to make this truly worth wild.

8. Selling On Facebook – With the Facebook ‘Buy Swap And Sell’ group pages now around, this is a excellent way of making some extra income with no fees etc that you occur on places such as Ebay & Etsy. Do a clean out in your home, pick up bargains elsewhere and resell, offer a service you may provide eg gardening or house cleaning.

9. Open A Ebay/Etsy/Amazon Store – Etsy is primarily for handmade items only, but if you want to flip products (buy at a low cost and resell for profit) Ebay and Amazon are perfect options. Just keep in mind the fees when pricing as all of these companies charge for selling your products on their sites.

10. Childminding – There are plenty of families out there that require this service. If you wish to offer a service such as this be sure you have all the correct legal qualifications, licenses and permits to do so in your home.

11. Cake Making – Cake making is huge for children's parties at the moment. People are looking for creative cakes to be the focal point of the day, so they are willing to spend quiet a bit in getting an experienced creative cake maker to help. Be sure you check your local permit & food safety laws before offering this service.

12. Digital Design – If you are experienced with programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator & Publisher there are a lot of small businesses out there in need of help with logo & marketing material designs. Lets also not forget non businesses people needing help with designs eg I created Josabella Kids that creates personalised birthday invitations.

13. Photographer – These days photography is very much like art. People choose your services based on their liking of your end result, especially with the introduction of digital editing software. You do not necessarily have to have a qualification to do this job – I have been photographing weddings, families, individuals & fashion shoots for 7 years and I have no photography specific qualifications. My clients are not bothered by this and choose to hire me based on what my style of work is.  A freelance photographer can work their own hours and choose what type of photography they would like to do. How much you charge will depend on what you have to offer and the quality of the end product.

14. Write A eBook – With the introduction of eBooks, writing your own book and self publishing has never been easier! You also do not have the huge $$$$ outlay to actually publish a printed book. There are a large amount of websites that have published advice on how to correctly format a eBook including Amazon. Selecting the correct page sequence, fonts and file formats are a must if you want them to work on a buyers reading device eg Kindle. Be sure to also see your countries legal requirements on needing to include a ISBN.
15. Resume Writer – You would be surprised at how many people need help with writing a resume and cover letter. Some people do not even own a computer! Offer your services on local Facebook Buy Swap And Sell pages to get you started.
16. Hairdresser/Beauty Consultant – More and more people prefer to have these needs fulfilled within their own home or on location where needed. If you have experience and qualifications in this area it's perfect for you to transition this from your everyday job into your own home once you have had children.

17. House Cleaner – If your not already sick of cleaning your own home then this could be something you could offer. Again you can choose your own hours and the types of tasks you want to do. I know mums that get cleaners in once a week just to do the tasks they don’t get to with such a busy life eg mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom, windows etc.

18. Music Teacher – Do you have a talent for a musical instrument? Offer music lessons to others that are looking to learn a musical instrument.

19. Student Tutor – Depending on your level of education becoming a tutor can be really helpful to a student struggling to learn or simply catch up. This is perfect for ex teachers that have had children but not ready to go back full time into a school.
20. Create Your Own Website/Blog/Online Store – I have 3 websites (including this blog) that I have set up and manage myself through Shopify. I use to be with another company for 10 years, but changed to Shopify after discovering their 14 Day Free Trail. Within that 14 days I loved the style of websites I could create (just using the free template options), ease of creating what I wanted, blog building, SEO support, online store building options and 24hour live chat support system. Building a site on Shopify has been a wonderful experience and I do now recommend to others regardless of if it is a website or a blog that they are wanting to publish. Have a play around with this 14 Day Free Trial and see what you think!
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  • This is a wonderful list of ideas! I am a work at home mom that utilizes multiple things on your list to help bring money into our house.

  • i’ll have to check out airtasker… I blog and while I wouldn’t call it a way to make steady income (at least when you first start) it’s been wonderful for me!

  • This is really helpful. Great tips. Financial freedom is of utmost importance for a woman.

  • Wow! These are some really great ideas. I pinned this for reference because I’m always trying to figure out how to make more money while I’m home with my babies! :)

  • As a stay at home mom I totally can relate to needing to find more things that makes you feel as if you are contributing! Great ideas!


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